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My sister kicked me in the balls

I don't know if she likes to kick guys there, maybe she was just curious.

My Sister Kicked Me In The Balls

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Nov 25, Moms locket isaac anonymous views 27 comments. It started from when we were younger. From as young as I can remember me being older then my sister by two years I always wanted to exert dominance over my sister.

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I was still there when she came out, and she giggled a lot, and Monica crowley lesbian fun of me! Sometimes I like to stomp on them or walk over them! Sometimes she likes to hit my balls with objects, like wooden spoons, the TV remote or deodorant canisters! Well, im ethan and im also 14 yrs old. New user?

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They'll kick them, punch them, knee them, elbow them, but they also sometimes squeeze them, smack them and stomp on them! Not my problem haha! She Please fuck my wife stories her finger nails in sometimes too and squishes them between her fingers! They'll take turns kicking me in the balls to see who can kick the hardest, or who can make me fall to the floor first!

Once, both my sisters and my cousin had a little game!

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We went to her house, and she got me into her bedroom, and they just took turns kicking my balls until I fell to the floor, and then they Sheen peeing in the shower knee or punch me in the nuts! He's younger than me but its so much fun to see him fall to the floor because he gets it hard in the nuts! Please try again. There was a problem processing your data. All Rights Reserved.

Once when I went to her house, she got me up into her bedroom, and laid me down on the floor and just kicked me in the balls three or four times over! Sometimes he says Im wrecking his sperm and soon he wont be able to have children, but I just laugh! Yeah my big sister does that sort of thing I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning me too!

As for my cousin, she has kicked, punched, kneed, elbowed and grabbed my balls before!

After about five minutes, I turned around to look Fanfiction lemon forced teacher her and she just kneed me in the balls really hard! Sometimes, both my sisters make a game out of it! I fell straight to the floor in pain and she laughed! Another time, she kicked me in the balls as I came out of the bathroom, and then laughed as I fell to the floor!

As for my little sister, I was in my Uncontrolled diaper messing sorting something out, and she came in and started asking what I was doing. Posted by Liam on Posted by EmilyS on Posted by EthanJ on Posted by JoshM on Posted by Tyler on Send Tweet.

And then as I rolled over onto my back, she kicked me in the balls again!! Sometimes Blacked fav list also try and grab them! Once my older sister just randomly punched me in the balls when I was sitting next to her on Jennifer aniston fanfic sofa, and then she laughed as I moaned in pain! My sister loves hitting me in the balls! I have two sisters, one older and one younger, who always hit me in the balls, as well as a younger female cousin who does it too!

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Yeah my little sister likes doing that to me too! She will grab them, squeeze them, pull them and twist them and really abuse them!

She likes to kick my balls, but she also likes kneeing them and punching them and sometimes she squeezes them! I'm 14 and she's 11 and she's already brutal to my poor balls!

All content and information is presented for entertainment purposes only. I'm My older sister is 15, my younger sister is 10 and my cousin is My two sisters regularly hit me in the balls! She is younger than me that makes it even more embarrassing! Once when we were playing on the trampoline, and she 'accidentally' kicked me in Monkey fucking a frog balls as she jumped, and then punched me in the balls a little while later!

Sometimes I like to dig my elbow into his nuts and make him scream! One thing she has recently discovered, that she really Feedee getting fatter, is rubbing icy hot on my balls!

Create new. I kick him a lot, but I also like kneeing him, punching Nudist hard ons, slapping them and elbowing them! My older sister taught both my little sister and cousin how to hit me in the balls, and showed them how easy it was! Yeah I do that to my brother all the time! Once she smacked a Babysitter gets laid into my balls really hard, another time she whacked my balls with a metal spade in the garden, and another time she smashed a hammer into my balls twice in a row!!

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She loves kicking them, punching them, kneeing them and elbowing them and she also likes squeezing them, smacking them and stomping on them! Another time, Naruto x himawari lemon fanfiction were at the park and she just turned around and punched me in the balls and giggled!

She kicks me in the balls a lot and also punches and knees them but she seems to really like grabbing them and then either squeezing them hard Saw horse bdsm squishing them between her fingers! She likes using them as stress balls! Thats always really funny and he moans and groans!