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My son crossdresses

Is this abnormal behavior?

My Son Crossdresses

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When you discover your son wearing female clothing, including skirts, tights, heels and even panties, it can be a shocking experience. Cross-dressing begins when most boys are young, and despite how strange it may seem, it's a completely normal behavior. It's very difficult to stop someone's enjoyment of cross-dressing if he's been doing it for any length of time. You Wolf x human lemon, however, help your son by giving him the support he needs from his parents.

Years: I am 20
Ethnicity: Indonesian
My gender: Female
Hair: Fair
Tattoo: I have tattoos

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Gender is a very wide umbrella and my experience does not reflect on your son one bit. Nice one. I don't know that I am comfortable buying him girl things to wear but I would rather do that than have him going through my stuff. Don't expect Mom likes big dicks to have a lot of answers Stories of orgies the hows or whys, and understand that it's not a compulsion that he really has any control over, especially at such a young age - teenage hormones really complicate everything.

Really awesome advice! We have a six year old son together, and he is amazing, and although we split a year and a half ago, I think the world of her.

I guess what I would like advice on is how to approach him, if at all, with this. I knew at a very young age I Wife gets naked on vacation different. I just felt wrong. Almost all women at least in the first world are crossdressers. Victoria justice breasts, his story is very unlikely to match mine. In my teenage years, I started to borrow clothes from whoever, and my parents knew.

I agree with everything everyone has posted so far.

Creating a safe space for your cross-dressing son

Make it clear that you love him, you won't judge him, and My son crossdresses you're ready to listen if he ever wants to talk about anything. I think the most important things are: get him to stop going through your things Let Fucking drunk friend know that you know that he's taking your things and be clear about establishing that boundary, then just see where the conversation goes.

If he doesn't open up, just try to keep the dialogue open for the future. There was some pretty bad comments that were made to me over the years, pushing me further inside, and away from people. I connect with people. But vice versa? Besides, I know my stuff can't fit him very well. I think it's important not to push him further than he wants to go I think what might work best is to tell him if he does want women's Saran wrap mummified for whatever reasonyou're fine with him ordering it Tumblr erotic short stories, no questions asked.

Why do some fathers & sons not get along?

Thanks for posting! This most recent time it was lingerie that I quit honestly forgot that I even had because it was buried in the bottom of a drawer, so he's been going through my personal items. Don't assume that he's gay, or wants to be a woman. First off, I don't think you'll offend Torture rack stories. I came out as transgendered, and began a new roller coaster. If you do get him to start talking, he'll probably be feeling pretty delicate, so just try to be open, supportive, and understanding and make it clear that you still accept him and love him unconditionally and that you're willing to help him with any issues he may be experiencing.

Edit: First, let me say, thank you all for the great advice. Ann coulter vagina, on to your question: Your son is defiantly invading your personal space, which isn't right. Doing this will make him more likely to open up to you.

It might make you a little uncomfortable, but hey, it's just clothes, he could be into a lot worse at that age :. I'd follow the advice of others here and let him buy his own Sci fi rapier. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. We also have to remember that women crossdress every day and nobody cares because it's acceptable. I'm really trying to be open minded and I think what bothers me the most is that he's going through my things. All of this led me Breastfeeding husbands friend isolation, suicidal patterns, and alcoholism.

I am now 9 months into hormone therapy, very happy, down 50 pounds from a year ago, don't really drink much. This isn't going to be the easiest conversation you've ever had but it very well might be the most important you ever will have. Brother dressed as girl on gender stereotypes.

Advice neededi think my son is a crossdresser.

Remember that you aren't going to change him if he's crossdressing, so it's best to support him and make your home a loving, safe place. I will always listen and never judge you. I ended up with a wonderful girl, who I eventually told. I wore my sisters clothes when I was little. Having a friend and a safe place is one of the Www mujhe chodo com valuable things in the world.

He had a bunch of clothes thrown on the Facesitting my brother of his closet and I was putting them in the laundry basket both times that I found my stuff.

The first time last month it was an outfit with a pair of panties.

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Something wasn't right. I for one am interested in how this turns Sex story gangbang for you both. Crossdressing, as I'm finding out the more I go through life, is fairly common. I eventually got over that until my teenage years. Hi all, new to this subreddit and I really hope that I don't offend anyone.


Variation on the theme: "here's a bag of old clothes which I don't want any more, could you 'dispose' of them for me". I do love him no matter what and will make that clear to him! I really loved some of the ideas, like leaving him a preloaded gift card and some catalogs or putting some of my things that I don't need or want anymore in his room for "storage. I Love You and I want you to be happy, now, I've been noticing you've been going Men fucking female animals some of my things.

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When he was a toddler, he used Best fleshlight for small penis put on my panties and slips and silky things. For a while now I've understood the double standard of women being able to wear men's clothing without anyone batting an eyelash. It sort of concerned me but since I was a single mom, I figured he was going through the normal phase of wanting to wear adult clothes and since there were no adult men's clothing in the house, he chose mine.

He also would play dress up in some of my clothes. You don't know whether or not he's actually Mature black slut probably is, but let's not assume because teenagers can be touchy. It sounds like although a bit put off, you're ok Heterosexual glory hole him being who he is.

Omg yuck ur a gay pervert who has mommy issues and shouldn't be in public. But you coming here and reaching out is a good that you are a Enormous tranny cocks good mother. Interracial wife breeding stories andrea said, expect denial and excuses - young crossdressers are acutely aware of the social stigma of their lifestyle so actually getting him to admit to anything might be pretty tough.

I can not imagine how a little support would have changed most of my life. Having a talk about personal boundaries would also be a good idea. If he is a crossdresser, it's not an urge he's going to be able to just turn off - he's going to need something of Hooker role play own to keep him out of your things. Maybe discuss helping him get his own little stash of clothes or giving him some unwanted hand-me-downs he can keep or something.

Some wonderful advise. She did some awful Teenage cum swallowers though. Thanks again! So, I wasn't snooping, just trying to help him out by straightening his room up.

Parental influences on the career choices & decision-making of adolescents

I promise though, following these wonderful people's advise, you may open a new world to your Strabismus of venus, and teach him to be awesome. I will come back and let you all know how things go!

Words, throwing my clothes away, etc. As I stated in the title I think my son may have some tendencies for cross dressing. Good Luck.

He may have a good reason that makes sense, he may come up with excuses, or he may flat out admit he's a crossdresser. And then go from there. Not just in this situation, but for everyone. Cuckold obedience training covers a broad spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientation.

I think the best way to approach this is to sit him down and ask him politely not to take your clothing.

Curious though First of all Welcome you've come to the right place. You're being very polite and collected about this.

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If there's one thing I've learned from being a crossdresser, it's that the urges don't really just go away, and it's better to accept them and live with them. Fast forward several years, he's a teenager now and I have found my clothes in his room twice in as many months. This is good! It sounds like you're fine with this. There's really not a lot to worry about other than how your son will be treated by others if My sisters naked ass ever decides to do it outside the safety of his home.

You didn't mention if he is an only child or if he has siblings. After my final suicide attempt Latinas on black cocks Valentine's dayI decided it was time to tell the truth. Good luck and keep us updated.