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My sweet roomies story

My Sweet Roomies! The romance game you've all been waiting for is finally here! Free to download, with no registration required, "My Sweet Roomies!

My Sweet Roomies Story

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This mod APK version of the game has been proved to be very useful for players who usually want unlimited energy sources for the character in the game. You will have many energy sources like tickets and crystals. Also players will love the unique storyline of the entire game that you will have many beautiful roommates and will live a different hostel life with them. The story of the game is about developing and presenting the life of a person living Lesbian lovers sex a hostel and here you will be making many friends too. This amazing mod game will help you to be a part of many interesting stories and events in the game.

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One bug Here I want to notify the developers of recent bug. The energy it's just too long to make the energy full Ileana sex stories it's ruining the game. And the decrease of recharge time by an hour is not worth the price.

All in all its an amazing game. This game should be an anime! Nice story and graphs, but I recommend you guise Forced feminization milking read the feedback first before installing.

All in all I've spent more time annoyed that I can't just finish the story and even download totally boring apps from their promotions just to get a Hypnotic stuff crossword bit closer to that light at the end of the tunnel. This game seems of low quality, so the graphics aren't so good.

Apps like my sweet roomies!

Please fix this last issue soon as Aoi is the last story I have to Nude amateur bisexual couples. Since I did not really pay for much it took me so long to finish all of the stories.

Admittedly I want to love this game but it's just not as Nipples nailed to board as people say in the reviews, in my opinion. It is cute and well done. I loved the graphics I just got into anime and I loved this game ,but its not letting me load the story any more it says it's having troubles with connection anyway. A lot of people complain about the energy recharge which is a tad extreme but manageable. Like, it has its own intro song! But the "chapters" are way too short.

Was a little upset that I just wasted my only 5 gems, and really wanted to see a little bit more of the story.

My sweet roomies mod apk v (all unlocked) download

The game and stories are nice. Beside that it good. It was simply fantastic however my only gripe is that it takes too long for your energy to refresh. The real problem is, this game isn't compatible with my samsung J1 Kara and alex fanfiction gp, I'm so upset.

Couple of things: First off, this is a great game. I use Samsung Galaxy core 2 duo using How to meet hitomi tanaka 4. If you guys redo the reward for monthly package game would be a lot better. It also happening when I click the mail symbol on the upper left so I can not put this bug there.

It's good, but Just not a big fan with the 4 hour wait for 1 energy to replenish. Cant it just be 30 minutes per bar? And It seems unneccesary to have to buy crystals just to keep playing. Please correct the bug. I think the server is currently down. It's a little cliche but I would enjoy the story much more if they increased the amount you can read in one sitting.

New lifestyle- my sweet roomies story

I like the fact that the energy maximum increases as you play but it needs to be gaining about 1 energy per hour. Also how do you unlock Misaki Fujinaka? But Whores that swallow let me use 3 and the other 3 disappeared. Really great and cute characters with interesting dialogue. Maybe add ways to get gems too. Love it but Since the start, I have fell in love with the game. I love the game, because the controls are easy and the story, also the graphics was simply fascinating.

I know that as makers of a free to play game you have to make your money somehow but really? I loved the game itself. Also, the amount you charge for crystals is insane.

My sweet roomies! for pc

I really wish u guys added a butterfly effect in the game that would have been so cool. Would rate more, but I'm going to stick with 3 for now. I'd recommend it to anyone who's willing to pay a bunch of money to get anywhere before it Pussy eater 69 more like a chore Torrid stories of sex an app you're supposed to enjoy.

I love the characters as well as their development as you go through their stories. I'm still on Sayaka story though but i love the app! The energy thing is just beyond frustrating from the lack of reading you can do at a once, and while the stories are cute and all, it's just not enough to overlook.

Dont get the wrong idea. For now it will be a 4 star.

The art and storyline is amazing however the Haircut and blow job refill timing is way too long and some scenes in the game is way too short. Will give it a 5 star if the energy problem is resolved. You can use your energy in just minutes and then have to wait for hours and hours to have your energy restored.

My sweet roomies mod apk v free download for android

The app's fun and stuff but, too short. But I have to wait about a whole day just Man wearing breast forms play more because im waiting for my energy to return. So if the developer ever sees this, please do something about that.

Lastly, since the last update, Everytime I try to play Aoi's story, the game locks and then after a few seconds it shuts itself down and kicks me back to my phone's home screen.

I played this a few years ago. The energy is one of my problem, you see the game is cool and I have to wait 4 hours? Really appreciate it. My one problem is the monthly packages is so lack luster after some days of continue play you get the 8 energy slot so there's literally no point in getting it. I've pretty much read this X-change stories everyday and it takes forever just from the way the energy bar and the short chapters are set up.

I will give this game a 3 star.

The wait time is definitely a joke. Anyway, it will be better if the crystal is easy to get too. Overall a good game. Also I just played it and restored my energy to be full. The beginning of the story is bizarre, but I guess that's how anime works. Complete cash grab The scenes take all of 45 seconds to go though and use all 5 energy in no I kicked his balls at all, devs are money hungry.

Give us a little more bang for our buck as the old saying goes. A perk is the art. I find myself keeping the app in my phone more more because I am interested in finding out how it ends due to my personal completionist tendencies rather than My girlfriend dresses slutty enjoying the story.

Rather than that, High school cuckold isn't worth wasting your time with unless you have an amazing patience. For now I can not access inside after clicking "Start the Game" or similar and it say connection error needs restart the app.

My sweet roomies! on windows pc

Too short The parts are way too short. Love the storys, not so much the cool down for energy and that my gems disappeared. Thanks and have a good day. The energy system needs some work how ever. Overall a great game with a interesting story line. Horse dick lovers I'd even settle for paying a dollar or each story rather than forgetting what was going on because of the time away from the story.