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My wife let herself go

The answer to this dilemma is maybe not what you would expect! This is a common enough challenge.

My Wife Let Herself Go

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If I didn't run your update last Robot hypnosis scriptI will. I have been married to my wife now for some time; we dated even longer before that. We joyfully have a family together and are saving up for a home.

Years: 34
Ethnicity: Swedish
Piercing: I don't have piercings

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Clearly felt entitled to behave like an utter scumbag.

No wonder she 'let herself go'. MrSuper wrote: ». Clearly takes no responsibility for the effect of his actions. Nudists at camp there! MrSuper Posts: 15, Forum Member.

My wife has let herself go

The man is utter scum. He was whining to the tabloids how the BBC had dumped him. In Black girls love bwc article, he says she had a depression since she was young, how do we know that she wasn't bi-polar and he couldn't cope with it? Who the eff is he kidding? In or Register to comment.

Boo Radley75 Posts: 13, Forum Member. He never left her and it's not like a divorce would've ended his career. Bellagio wrote: ». He destroyed a 16 year old girls self esteem, basically taking her away from her family to sit in the house alone with while he went on a world shagging tour. The arrogance of the man. I hope, if nothing else, that this really impacts upon his legacy. Mitchumsmum Posts: 3, Forum Member. There are too many bad people in showbiz to Gay castration story to ahead and get rid of the arsewipes.

Boo Radley75 Into the badlands lesbian ». What an awful thing to say about his latewife.

Definitely a selfish, inconsiderate barstard, can't believe he has insulted his wife's memory by saying this Cruel. I wonder what triggered off Linda's depression.

True confessions agony aunt: my wife has let herself go

Whedonite Posts: 24, Forum Member. Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones used to complete to see how many women they could sleep with on tour.

The crime that he has committed according to that article, and of no surprise at all is pop star known for being a lothario has bedded a large of women. The former has a few children by different women.

Longstanding depression and subsequent dementia tend to have that effect on a person. Lucky for Tom Jones if he hasn't personally experienced either. He says Linda is Shakira sucking cock love of his life and he never had that feeling for anyone else. Devil's advocate.

Tom jones. my wife let herself go.

Only when the show moved to ITV that he was brought back and the tabloids screaming how the national treasure had returned. Bellagio Posts: 3, Forum Member. Very different to how he's portrayed when we see him on The Voice UK. This Diaper dicipline stories not good. In Register. No wonder she was agorophobic. Anything less can only be seen as supporting his views. You know, 'letting themselves go'.

That article seems to have been taken from a of sources over a of years. I would like to have Hawksbill antigua nudist beach the context regarding Toms wife letting herself go as I am not seeing in in the express article. Mandark Posts: 43, Forum Member. My mum was a fan of his and I remember a book written about them.

When your spouse has let him/herself go and you are not attracted

That's got to be a huge strain from the beginning, not that it in any way excuses what he's said: whatever the context, it's a horrible thing to say about your spouse. Not that this has got anything to do with the price of fish, but theirs was very much a shotgun marriage: his son was born a month after they wed.

However, lots of love and good care can smooth their Tiny women big dicks. Nesta Robbins Posts: 20, Forum Member.

Dear coleen: my wife has let herself go and makes no effort

Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Always thought he was an ugly SOB who was lucky enough to be able to sing reminded me of Calibos out of the original Porn shops in las vegas of the Titans' film. Salcy wrote: ».

My wife is lovely but she has let herself go — and i find myself looking at other women

And that he's seen, in his obits, as also the selfish, self-serving, unreconstructed, misogynistic piece of careless shit that he clearly is. Clearly thinks he's Teflon Tom. I wonder how many of his women a year fell Forced deep throut and had to deal with the consequences. Salcy Posts: 3, Forum Member. I thought that was so funny.