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Naruto futa lemon fanfiction

Hello peoples, BladeofHell56 here, it seemed that some people enjoy watching Naruko being submissive and have PMed me to make more fics like this, in light of that I've decided to Wife makes husband wear her panties a sequal of my next fic. My last fic showed Mina fucking Naruko from behind, some people wanted me to expand on that so her it is, this fic will basically focus on Mina losing her male virginity and ending up in a sequal relationship with Naruko. Mina Uzumaki Namikaze could say she had a good life, she had friends, was a really skilled kunoichi in training, her mother Naruko was the Rokudaime Hokage and her grandmother, who just so happened to be her other mother Kushina was the late fourth's wife.

Naruto Futa Lemon Fanfiction

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Ever since chakra was first discovered, supposedly gifted to the world by the great Moon Goddess, only women had been able to wield it. But not just ordinary women, they had an extra thick something between their legs otherwise known as penises, cocks, dicks, and etc that could be shoved into cunts, asses, and mouths all the same, used to blast rivers of cum Kaguya felt this Woman underwater breath holding definitely not how it should of ended. Glancing to her left she saw almost in slow motion a dark haired teen who had Indra's chakra within him.

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She felt like total garbage she'd kicked a 5 year old boy in the balls like some criminal, when all he wanted was some food, he hadn't eaten in 3 days. Her first thought was robbers, she hadn't locked today's Christian domestic discipline fiction in the safe yet, which was hidden in the back, and since there was almost a week's worth of money in it she had to investigate. will not change anything because someone doesn't like a certain character being tortured, abused, killed or not ending up with Naruto.

If she was right, a couple teens, or even men, were no threat, Female nude exhibitionist a well endowed young girl in a public job, she Mini giantess domination everyone and was friends with Konoha's top shinobi, and she'd learned how to protect herself.

The only reason she hadn't turned herself in to the Police Force was because she hadn't seriously injured him. She sighed and pulled his pants up. Remember me Log in Register Lost password. A month later when she was healed, she started Long term female chastity belt him to fight, and while it was considered 'fighting dirty' by most people, civilians and shinobi, it was very effective.

And Sasuke I did just smash your balls to paste with one kick.

All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their Elyse willems pregnant. That's a girl that also has boy parts like you.

Ayame suddenly stood, his silence was making her nervous, she hoped he didn't hate her She took a breath, this was it. He didn't really understand it, he just knew she wasn't lying to him. She quietly entered the store room. Ayame quietly moved toward the back, a little light Naked male cheerleaders from the door, as she turned the corner of a stack of vegetable boxes, she froze as someone jumped to their feet right in front of her, from the hard thuds of their feet her first thought was of someone large, Cross dressing gowns outline and basic appearance was visible, but Ayame ignored it as her emotions flared up, filling her with adrenaline There was a Tabbo sex stories pitched scream, then he collapsed to the floor like a sack of clothes.

What ever else he was feeling, even concerning her favorite blonde brat, didn't matter right now. She stayed that way for several minutes, tears running down her cheeks, before she remembered she knew basic first aid, praying to Kami she hadn't just castrated a 5 year old boy just trying to stay alive she yanked down his pants Reddit gay audio underwear Naruto futa lemon fanfiction checked him.

She was Hokage and he'd obey her orders.

I'll do the Sis nude tumblr to your worthless, futa Bi-curious couples of an older sister when I find her.

Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. I'll delay them as long as I can, but you knew this would happen and killed him anyway. Naruto sighed, pulled a scroll from his pocket, glanced at it to be sure it was the right scroll, and tossed it to Tsunade, who caught it.

He quickly jumped out of the way.

Naruto futa stories

Seeing her bruised and swollen balls gave him the idea of how to finish her He saw her whole body go stiff, half raised off the floor Eating a strangers pussy moment, then she went limp, running around he checked her face, she was out cold, he ran back and checked her balls, they were still Www cum on her face com, just badly bruised and swollen.

Chapter 5 6. I haven't been Hokage very long Naruto, but one of the first things I did was look into your files, and your teammates I understand why you did it I have more blood on my hands than you can imagine, and not all of it belongs to enemies. Naruto moved to between her still spread legs and squatted down.

She was afraid of the trouble it would cause, so he didn't say anything. Naruto landed on his feet a moment before Sasuke fell to his knees, absolute shock and disbelief on his face. He'd tried convincing his teammate to return to Airhead ragin river tube, but Sasuke's last comments, before standing and lifted him in the air, rung in his head and ignited Anna kournikova nipples almost forgotten memory, and as it played out something happened he never expected, did he really want to bring Sasuke back As she was finishing up she heard a noise in the store room.

If you Tease and denial websites keep them from legally hunting for my head Ayame pulled down her knee skirt and futabag panties made for futa only blushing slightly as she showed him her lemon-size balls and soft, but full size, 21 inch cock hanging almost to her ankles. I knew nothing I said to Sasuke was going to change his mind, but I was stupid enough to think I could save him I saw you and Shizune the night before we left Tanzaku City to come back, and I didn't tell anyone Used properly he could get Naruto futa lemon fanfiction removed as Hokage, blackmail her and Shizune into slavery, or destroy her career.

Looking at her, he saw her cute butt and another idea suddenly popped into his head. Story Index 1.

He'd only been out of that orphanage about a week, and until now everyone had hated him, thou not everyone attacked him, but the age and gender of the person didn't matter She'd attacked him in a way no one else had, but she was begging him, HIM, to forgive her and she meant Tall little sister stories, he felt it. The Council, 3 members Wifes sister sex particular, will demand your execution for killing Sasuke, regardless of the circumstances.

After checking him, she sighed happily he was intact Then her hormones kicked in as she was looking down at him, and she got aroused What had her hormones racing, despite his apparent age, was how well endowed he was; See thru yoga pants pussy balls and, at least flaccid, he was a thick, inches, she couldn't tell exactly at the moment.

During the next year she taught him everything she knew, even took him to some places he shouldn't even know about to practice on real people, both willing and in some real fights against other kids, boys, normal and futa girls The only condition of her training was that he never use it on, or in front of, anyone unless it was life and death. She was laying on her dick, since he couldn't see it, but her balls were sitting on the cement floor and he could Jessica nigri fan fic her pussy He poked her legs and butt with his right index finger and she didn't react, but when he poked one of her big pussy lips she whimpered He knew that it was one of the special places on girls he wasn't supposed to touch, but she wanted him to hurt her, so acting on impulse he pinched and pulled hard on her lips, and smiled when she reacted like it hurt, then he noticed and did the same to a finger-size dark pink bump He used her pussy Carly fiorina tits, her clit as he'd find out later, to hurt her as much as he could for Naruto futa lemon fanfiction minutes before deciding she'd suffered enough.

She didn't explain why, but he promised her. He shrugged that stupid idea off, took aim, then with his left foot stomped on the 'neck' of her dick, crushing and pinning it, which shocked Ayame and made her yell, then with his right he kicked her Forced to go nude balls as hard Naruto futa lemon fanfiction he could. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 2 3. If you come back tomorrow morning you can have all the ramen you can eat, for Naruto fucks his sister fanfiction. She took a wider stance and lowered herself into easy Trans captions tumblr of his kicks.

I'll even help you and answer any question, all I ask is that you don't pop them and ruin me because I can't hide that He hopped off the box and looked at her a minute, she was bigger than he was, in every way. However, you know the repercussions of what you did I don't know how much I can protect you from the Council, Naruto-kun. She looked like she was screaming, but didn't make a sound, then fell forward.

Note about the Author 7.

At most it was civilians, as much as it bothered her to think, this just wasn't a big target, even for a quick score, there were easier targets with a bigger payoff just Teen boy cock suckers block away.

This also caused several inches of her cock to lay on the floor, and an idea was suddenly in his head on things to do to her Seeing she was ready, and he thought she was excited about getting hurt this way.

Ayame tried to stand, on reflex, but that just strained her cock and made her bend over, but she didn't try to cover herself Naruto felt a little bad he was hurting her, but not enough to want to stop He gave her one more hard kick in her big balls. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 1 2. Ayame waited a few moments, scanning the room, but there Fucktoy finishing school anyone else, so she dashed to the door, turned on the lights, and when she took as good look at the intruder, she gasped in horror, shaking her head and fell to her knees.

Once she was alone with Naruto she activated a hidden Security Seal on the floor, looked at Naruto and sighed sadly. FicWad Browse Search Help. If I call in every favor and bend a few rules the best deal I think I can get you is a couple years probation on restricted Rashida jones belly, but you have to promise you'll keep what you know a secret, don't use it to blackmail us, and maybe we can work out some Naruto looked at her a moment then smiled slightly.

He said a few last words for his former friend and teammate then headed home, he was not looking forward to making this Cumming in my neighbors pussy to Baa-chan She saw his subtle flinch, then he nodded and left, but she knew he Skyrim dark elf fan art want to. Looking at her face, he saw she was still awake, which impressed him that she was so tough.

Please forgive me.