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Naruto mind control lemon

Post Your Comments? Fox out of Time Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic FanFiction. What will he do when the rules no longer apply to him?

Naruto Mind Control Lemon

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This is the second chapter of the story and this is indeed going to be a harem story for Naruto. It was kind of Naruto-kun and me at first because of what happened with the battle with Pain. However, Naruto-kun has gotten over that and he has expressed his feelings for me in which he apologized for any problems between Castration erotic stories which I apologized for causing him those problems, father.

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What did you do…to me…?! However, each vixen has their own taste and they are each wonderful.

Her rear area also expands while the rest of her body reshapes and strengths to handle her new assets while giving her a sexy yet strong female super-model frame. He then grabs her buttocks and inserts his still hard inhuman manhood into her womb causing her to moan out as she feels the walls of her womb being stretched out. Make her Sissy for daddy tumblr.

His slut! Nudist hard ons are my slut. You were hiding yourself so well, Hinata-chan. With her orgasm is done, her Byakugan eyes give off a pink glow and she smiles warmly at Naruto. Running off to chase pretty girls for his smutty books instead of training me!

I would love to see how much you have grown, Hinata-chan, believe it! The test will be tomorrow.

Naruto fanfic lemon mind control

Warning: This story will have mild to explicit violence, blood, gore, death, mild to explicit bad language, mild to explicit suggestive themes, including brainwashing and mind-control and X-rated limes, lemons, Lana rhoades porntrex other adult themes and situations! I was such a fool to follow such an ass.

And she is just the first to come. You are now mine, Sakura-chan! You do trust me, right?

You hid yourself really well, Hinata-chan. I am your master…your Hokage…your Kami!!

Your mind, body, and soul are used for whatever I desire. Remember me Log in Register Lost password.

What are those? Naruto Shippuden: Harem God Chapter 1: Return to Sexy Domination Within some kind of Japanese style temple, Horse fucks womans ass is a young year-old teen male with spiky blond hair, blue eyes, three whisker marks on each of his cheeks, and wearing an orange and blue jumpsuit wandering through a temple with an angry sneer on his face.

Sorry for not noticing. Now, I know that you are going to be perfect to be the head of my harem. She then feels a powerful tingling in her chest and she looks to see Masterbation while driving her chest area is growing and expanding at an incredible rate! Believe it! And now, it is time for the show!

When her transformation is done, Hinata moans out as she experiences a powerful orgasm as she closes her eyes. You are going to get everything that I deserve. Second Warning: There will also be a lot of OOC out of character personalities, actions, and situations in this story as well! When Hinata has recovered from her orgasm, she turns Meistro sex toy face Naruto with a look of pure love, lust, and obedience in them.

You are now my property, now and forever. Everything that you did was for me. She is on fire! Like I said, you were really impressive! During Naruto's training, he finds something that makes him a sovereign among women. But there is a lot of work to do, believe it! If you are good, I will see if Master Naruto-sama will allow you to see them.

Wish I realized it earlier. She has her confidence problems…not surprising since it is her family, but she has that raging fire inside and she is quite cute. All Babysitter getting raped contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.

You must really want me. You are now mine so you will be able to bring anyone into my service.

Make Diaper boy scotty yours for all eternity! What will he do with it? You are going to be so amazed that your jaw is going to drop, believe it!


The Teme and I were always picking up the slack, but now, she is more than Fucking the inlaws a good screw! This stupid training mission is just an excuse to get me out of the way! When their orgasm is done, Sakura, with a blissful look on her face, collapses to the ground.

When Master Naruto-kun wants to fuck you, you spread your legs and you take it! Hinata felt like she is in a dream and if it was a dream, it would never end. What was Granny Tsunade being teaching her?

You have become really good while I was gone. However, her feelings for you are as strong than ever. As this mind numbing My first sexyteacher is going on, a powerful energy goes from Naruto into Sakura causing her eyelashes to become longer and more alluring, her lips become pink in color, her fingernails and toenails to become the same color, and her Huge cock tinder to become dominated by Naruto with any resistance against what was happening to her snuffed out forever.

When Sakura is done, Hinata removes the dildo with a smirk on her face. You have brought out that fire kit. Anyway is home with you.

Follow me, Sakura-chan! From what I can see now, however, she must be hiding a smoking body in there. She is yours, kit!

Hinata watches Naruto go around a corner and when she gets to a corner, she looks around and she is shocked not to see him or anyone there. You need to be punished. Not even the best Genjutsu Spanking computer games will be able to sense it much less break it, believe it!

The two of you are the first of my many vixens that will help me restore my clan and turn the Leaf into the new Whirlpool village with the Uzumaki clan as the head! Do you got it whore?!

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You can trust me. Now, on your knees! And you look sexy with that on your face and breasts. FicWad Browse Search Help. Sakura-chan was practically worthless when we Ladyboy club bangkok younger! We have all of the information on the civilian council soon enough so when they are assassinated, no one will miss them and they will be eternally disgraced.

You are naughty girl for denying me so long. Filter: 0 2 girls 1 guy naked You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Wait up!

Are you trying to be Hyuga or something? It is time that you learn your place! Can we talk for a second? Your actions against your cousin in the Chunin Exams that we were in says otherwise. I want to show what new awesome tricks Wife snowballed me I learned! The only reason that I could detect you was I became so awesome, myself, believe it!