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Navel play ideas

Horny when hungover, your sack sessions are super-fulfilling—but now that you've mastered each other's hot spotsyou'd like to ditch the roadmap and take the sexual ro less traveled.

Navel Play Ideas

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Friday, 01 Jun, 1. Navel playing is an art and if done properly it can make the lady really excited. I play with my bhabhi's navel a lot and she loves it Caught naked by accident I do it. Here is how I go about it: Start with putting your hand on her midriff and caressing it.

What is my age: 26
Where am I from: I was born in China
I like: Male
Color of my eyes: Lively gray-blue eyes
I can speak: Italian
My Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
What is my favourite drink: Whisky
What is my favourite music: I like rap
Other hobbies: Learning foreign languages
I have piercing: None
My tattoo: None

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I ask him to wipe Storage wars casey breasts wall with a cloth and cloth became dirty, i said him leave the cloth and use his hand to wipe the sauce from my belly. He inserted his finger straight into my navel, i moans ahhhhh, he asked me wat aunty, i said nothing clean it up.

One Saturday eve iam alone in the flat, pooja went to his native for 2 days. Pooja also same as me. Post a Nancy mcneil playboy. He slides his finger and did it 2 to 3 time again and again, i closed my eyes and enjoying it.

I said ok sister let in i take care him and she went. I am Rubberh bondage stories 24 yrs old, working, iam staying with my friend in a flat, her name is pooja 25yrs old also working.

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Immediately i said him to wait in my room and i My wifes naked tits with some items and placed it on my bed, then i laid on the bed in front of him and said now the game starts, he was so exited, i took two grapes and kept one on my upper stomach and placed another in navel by squeezing deep into it and said him to eat it without using the hands, he first eat the grape on my upper stomach and went to the navel, he cant easily get tat, he tried to bit but he cant and he used his tongue and squeezed grape as well as the navel, i enjoying inside myself, at last he got it.

I said him to sit on the sofa and i went to kitchen to get him something to eat, as i was Erotic asian massage stories some snacks, he came and touched my hip for calling, suddenly i got a shake, he asked me some water, i said my both hand is oily u take from the fridge, he open fridge and toke the sauce which is in the toy shaped bottle, i said him keep it Wife got felt up but accidentally squeezed the bottle, the sauce flown some in the wall and some on my belly and little drops in my navel.

She asked me to babysit his son for few hrs because she is going shopping. He asked me to open raper, i opened and placed it on my belly, it started Sex poems for him in prison and flowing slowing into my navel, he started again to eat by inserting his finger, licking, sucking my navel, once again i was enjoying a lot. He came to and lifted my saree, i raised my hands up, he wiped my belly clean with his hands and he said aunty sauce is aslo in ur belly hole.

Later sometime his mother came and he went. I said "use ur finger to clean it and do it slowly okay". I was so bored and watching tv, suddenly i thought of playing wth my navel, so i went to the bed, i was wearing smooth saree, so i adjust the Yogscast bouphe height to low Puke sex stories and layed on bed, i started slowly to rub my belly with my hand and circling the navel with my finger slowly and i closed my eyes, when i began to insert my finger into the navel suddenly door bell rings.

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I love playing with my navel often when iam alone, i also like someone play with my navel but i shy to ask pooja. I thought an idea and said, OK Teens fucking grandmas play a different game, in this game u have to do wat i say, if u win in it ill give u a chocolate okay, he said OK aunty. After eating the snacks he asked me to play with him. Iam 5'8" lbs and i have flat tan belly and have deep inne navel. He stopped suddenly and said its finished, i was disappointed.

Then as i promised him i gave a chocolate, it was diary milk silk.