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Nymph in servitude

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Nymph In Servitude

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My age: 30
What is my nationaly: Kazakh
My sexual preference: Guy
Languages: Italian
Other hobbies: My hobbies surfing the net
I have piercing: None

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I'd rate it as above average. Harry being incredibly rich is fanon and nothing more - he's comfortably-off and the Blacks were seriously rich three generations back, Real cuckold humilliation that's all we know. I'll give.

It doesn't bog the fic down too badly, plus there is smut to look forward to. ed: Nov 9, Messages: Dec 19, 6. This story is just a relly bad reason to get Harry in bed with tonks. Dumbledore, foresight! I'll edit this post if the story actually starts shapes up better in the Tease and denial websites chapters. Harry is very much in character and the logic hangs together surprisingly well. ed: Mar 1, Messages: Location: Hell. I'll give it 3. Frankly there are way better one-shots around. Discussion in ' Almost Recommended ' started by ParavonDec 19, Q3 - - Competition Ending Soon!

ed: Dec 12, Messages: 1, Dec 21, 9.

Niklas "hawk" jonsson’s followers

I didn't really like this. ed: Mar 12, Messages: Location: Out of my mind Dec 19, 5. It's just more of the same old shit, really. Sirius, and a will.

Which two Masturbation with family did you think were the best? Yeah, it's outlandish. It's not as if Harry's going to be worse than Malferret or death. Dec 19, 2. Similar Thre. This story sucks. Replies: 8 Views: 2, Bobika Apr 24, Replies: 5 Views: 3, Lysianda Dec 27, Replies: 11 Views: 7, Oz Apr 29, Replies: 24 Views: 16, Andro Feb 28, Replies: 26 Have you ever been caught masterbating 10, ed: Jun 4, Messages: 19 Location: minnesota usa.

I think asking Malfoy was actually a good call on the writer's part.

But yeah, it's enjoyable for what it is. Dec 26, I may be a fan of Honks, but this was entirely too cliched ed: Jan 6, Messages: Location: karachi,pakistan. The premise was contrived, and it had nothing really to draw you in except Pretty little thing that i adore promise of some Honks action. Last edited: Dec 19, ed: May 19, Messages: Dec 19, 3. I will settle with a 2.

I did not like it all that much. I'd like it if the Harry was like the one from L'Esprit de Hadrian 2. You'll find chapter 2 unedited by searching the home link in his author profile requires registration and chapter 3 by searching PP3. I can't be assed to do that at the moment.

Too bad his updates are few and far between, plus he has a crap-load of stories. Dec 22, How the hell does this still have a 3? Girls who love to give handjobs, through a deal gone bad on her mother's part, is forced to become the lifetime servant of Lord Black: Harry Potter. Dec 19, 4.

The author gets points likewise. Show Ignored Content. Dec 21, I agree ,WHY in G. D is he asking Malfoy and whoever for help? Jan 10, ed: Jan 6, Messages: Jan 11, I actually enjoyed this, though there are certainly better McGuffins out there.

ed: Aug 5, Messages: Location: The earth. Nothing really new about it.

As for Tonks being free with information, what has she got to lose? Dec 19, 7.

The Cliche' were just that, and as they Women sucking titts before it was fairly contrived reasoning aimed specifically at making Tonks a slave Overall ed: Mar 17, Messages: 93 Location: Somewhere. Hawk takes retarded concepts and writes them into stories that tend to be readable if not enjoyable. Many forums are only accessible if you have an. Dec 19, 1.

ed: Aug 25, Messages: Dec 19, 8. It's full of cliches and what the hell was up with stuttering Tonks?

I havent read a lot but what I have is just not good. If it was supposed to be a full story Caught and feminized it might evolve into something decent, but he hardly updates his stories at a consistent rate.

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