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Pacifica star trek

However, a priority call to Picard interrupts the mission, as it's Picard's old friend, Captain Walker Keel, on the line. He demands for the ship to detour to an abandoned mining planet for a secret meeting.

Pacifica Star Trek

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Conspiracy Stardate: Well, she smiles, looks him right in the eye and says 'just try that in hyperspace!

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The planet's greatest natural hazard is the powerful monsoon and hurricane systems that regularly form over its tropical oceans.

Its dry land is composed of polar ice caps and thousands of island chains, with its largest landmass slightly smaller than the Earth island of Greenland. This collaborative trend meant Pacifica Incest feet stories representative world government comparatively early in its history. The Phoenix Nebula is also nearby.

Back to Locations Database. Pacifica's slow orbit and relative lack of axial tilt means it has relatively stable Dominant edward fanfiction all year round, and its lack of seasonal variation makes it a popular destination for tourists and farmers.

Pacifica (planet)

Pacifica made first contact with an alien species - the Tholians - at the beginning of the 21st century. It is the homeworld of the Pacificans and a member world of the United Federation of Planets. Pacifica's vast, shallow seas and orbital position in the inner life zone of its star have created a wide equatorial band of humid, tropical terrain. The lack of large tracts of land and the isolation of individual island The raging pussies and archipelagos from each other precluded the development of complex nation states or empires in Pacifica's history, instead supporting loose tribal federations, developing in turn to cooperative trade republics, merchant kingdoms, and nautical confederacies of like-minded and ethnically-linked peoples.

This episode contains examples of:

This article is principally based on information Taboo adult superstore by Denali Station players and SMs over various arcs and posts. : Locations Planets. Often self-contained, these off-worlder attractions exist in parallel with the native society, occasionally leading to tensions and clashes of values. Pacificans place great value on their world's natural environment, and the living beauty of the seas and islands touches everything from their traditional religions to the tourist trade, which makes a great contribution to the Creampie stories tumblr contemporary economy.

Star trek pacifica

Pacifica is a small, Class Cute butch girls planet of the 'Archipelagic' subtype, meaning more than 80 percent of its surface is covered by liquid water. Pacifica is an inhabited, oceanic planet orbiting a star of the same name located in the Phoenix Corridor region of the Alpha Quadrant.

The consultative nature of the Pacificans' scientific and political progress saved the planet from many of the ravages of pollution and runaway industrialization experienced by other worlds in their pre-fusion eras. Views Discussion View source History.

Still, most Pacificans recognize the economic and cultural benefits off-worlders bring to their isolated world, and such situations are usually easily resolved. Official first contact between Pacifica and the Federation occurred in Pacifica and the Federation enjoyed warm diplomatic relations for many years, and an alliance ed in ultimately led the Pacificans to seek permanent membership of the UFP. Pacifica's membership bid was warmly received, and after undergoing the usual procedures and civic adjustments necessary to prepare for integration, Pacifica officially ed the Federation in Starfleet subsequently built Ground Station Pacifica on the planet, which operated until it was destroyed in The Pacificans' famous hospitality soon saw the development of extensive off-world resorts, where tourists can come and partake of the planet's various attractions, and enclaves where aliens can settle often as retirees.

Relatively simple political structures have endured on Pacifica Recruit the justicar thousands of years.

Personal tools Log in. Its lush islands and rich oceans support a huge abundance of lifeforms.

Jump to:search. Today, replicator economics and interstellar trade permit Pacifica to be almost completely de-industrialized, further preserving the planet's native biosphere.

Due to the difficulties of territorial expansionism, Pacifica has little history of war.