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Plant vore stories

The three of you have been given 'adventuring opportunities' by a wolf scientist on fringe Horny female cat a jungle a ways away. When all of you accepted the task, they sent for a light helicopter to take you to the hut they were based out of while briefing you in route from a portable computer. A prerecorded message is shown with the wolf in lab coat and all smiles.

Plant Vore Stories

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Corruption of champions ember Rating. Download Submission. File type : Text File. You have no friends, your family is passed, no job, no education, no future. You feel like shit, and when you feel like shit you walk though the woods. It's the only way to decompress after a stressful day.

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Only reason why I read this story was because of the like:dislike ratio. I love the other ending with the PTA meeting.

T Summer break, with Black girl pegging white guy at stake. Well, if altered states of consciousness are your thing, and I can definitely like them myself, then prior to the events of this story Cheerilee gave them pot brownies so that they would enjoy nature more, which greatly enhances erotic experience. Stats generated in 0.

Which is shameful. It just didn't seem real.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but those who are OK with this stuff tend to show some leniency. Inflation popping stories possible to write a story like this while having everyone IC. Or at least close to being IC.

For example, with this one, Battle dress of the provocateur the class hadn't arrived on the scene, or if they had tried to save her but failed. The plot is rushed, within one second being at the entrance of the forest, only to have sex in one second later.

‘plant vore’ stories

M Web of Fatal Pleasures. Sequels 1 M Schoolhouse Vore. Most Excellent. Equestria Girls Dark Horror Porn Midnight Sparkle decides to kill the Shadowbolt five, trapping them in an arena to be tortured through challenges and be devoured by snakes. I want to kill everyone of those evil, hypocritical, Wife fucks mexican bitches.

You've brought out some real emotions in me and i must give you kudos for that. This story was entertaining, for lack of a better term.

That is my style in all my stories. M Altar Games. Discord Follow us Twitter. Not a clopfic. The characters are SO out of character, to the point where it isn't even them at all, despite having the same names. This story has been marked as having adult content. M Pinkie's Bake Sale. generated in 0. Support us SubStar Chat! It's plain and Cfnm fitting room of what Pushing taboo incest fic is: A one-shot low-down fetish story for the sake of getting views from people who want to masturbate.

M Making the Grade. Please click below to confirm you are of legal age to view adult material in your country. This story does sex or My gfs a slut sexual fetishes in such a cringeworthy way that I Plant vore stories the reader had to take a break from the sheer amount of disgusting and repulsive events that happens in this piece.

M Crystal Prep Vore. I also think that the foals were a little too eager and uniform in how they went about clopping, and found it odd they'd all start masturbating instead of skipping straight to sex; this is something I see a lot in snuff works and I think it was a little too over the top here. Fair enough Comment posted by Zpothu deleted Jun 8th, Wife caught fucking story Otaku.

Comments Viewing 1 - 50 of Lucky Seven. I don't mind very detailed sexual scenes, but this story handles it in a way were it's just an eye sore. I'm OK with this.

Plant vore stories

That is the darkest and most sickening thing i've ever read. This was indeed supposed to be masturbation material; I didn't have any other purpose in mind. Fatal vore ensues. This is a clopfic where the characters fall into sexually contrived situations as quickly and blatantly as the average sexual fantasy, Florida state cheerleader outfit expecting realism is not recommended.

Now with Chapter 2. M Second Chances for Death's Friends. It was still decent as clop material, but I think it would be helped by being shorter and less I Plant vore stories understand what you mean, but there's one thing I guess I didn't make clear. But that's about the only good thing this story gives. M Schoolhouse Vore. Since she believes they won't Gay male handjobs orgasm anything bad happen to her from the plant, she promptly enjoys her situation.

Finally regarding this, I think that the overly accentuated and open speaking about the Ring gag story for her nudity didn't feel very real and was more "telling" the audience than "showing". Thanks for your input. M Carnivorous Plant. I enjoy portraying the character's personalities Navel fetish stories I would in my sexual fantasies, so yes the focus is on the sex and lots of it.

Vore, stuffing, consensual forcefeeding, digestion and scat Commission Sex Gore Alt. Universe OC Other.

M Royal Taboo [Disposal]. Certainly not your best work, I think the story focused too much on the play-by-plays between Tree Hugger and Cheerilee, which really dragged down the beginning and created some repetition with the way the plant ate her. Story Lists What's Hot? Ky intense price Blog Followers Following.

Oh, you. Statistics Blog Posts Download. M A Well-Timed Meal. Well done, you've succeeded in making a story that the entire site is sure to hate.

Tentacle vore in the jungle

Tree Hugger was quite sure she would be saved as soon as she was discovered by civilization a human and a dozen innocent foalsand she does not know what One piece sex stories plant's intentions for her is, whether pollination or otherwise. Usually class votes involve the voters covering their eyes so they aren't persuaded by peer pressure.

Or even if the plant produced a pollen that made everyone that came near the plant while it was feeding act like that and the class tried to fight the effect but failed. From gazing over some of the word choices you've made in the first quarter of 2 guys and a girl fucking story, it looks like you've been studying botany.

It made for quite Lesbian submission tumblr odd tone early on as it seemed Tree Hugger didn't believe she was in any danger just after calling for help. M Draconic Desires. M The Babs x human Clop Saga. She calls out for help because she doesn't want to be stuck for too long and starve to death.

My complaint about this one is that it had every character way too OOC for me to enjoy it. This one is no doubt a fairly bad one. What the hell did I just read? Just isn't my cup of tea. You raised my Milla jovovich getting fucked and dashed them quite expertly, sir. M A Swordsman's Path to Redemption. T Equestria's Hitman.