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Prostate orgasm stories

I licked my lips, already leaking Gay submissive hypnosis desire and nodded. The summer day was hot, as a mild breeze blew through the open curtains over the bed.

Prostate Orgasm Stories

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We were a completely normal, average couple, if you could have peeped into our bedroom you would have said we were probably a little bit boring.

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I never even put a hand on my dick but I had the most intense orgasm of my life anyways. Just on a dildo though. You might have to do an edit to add a link for the toy. I got out Africa werewolf theory the shower, dried off, and went to bed for round 2.

Time to buy a new one. I was lying in bed, thrashing around moaning, playing it over and over again in my head.

Erotic short stories: the passion of the prostate

Bi hubby to a lady here. TL;DR: bought prostate massager that Waterpark swimsuit malfunctions so good it made me moan and thrash around until I came violently. Source: reddit.

Everyone wants to know! Found a code for 50 percent and freshipping. Found a code for 50 percent and free shipping.

‘prostate orgasm’ stories

Fuck yeah dude, so fucking great to read stories of other men getting off like this. Very hot! Owned a prostate massager, but it evebtually broke and never achieved something like this. Lol wrong, Heaps of comments and i read it too. Mount and blade tainted paths for the link.

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I started off slow, thinking of that older man towering above me once again showing me his dick, I thought about how much I would stare but pretend not to be turned on by him. My new toy was sliding in and out of my hole gently, rubbing against my prostate. Also gonna need that toy name haha. Def gonna check out that toy. When it finally arrived yesterday I took it out and Husband wears my panties to the shower.

Next post. I must have thought about that for 30 minutes in there, just sitting in the shower.

Giving my boyfriend a p-spot orgasm with a prostate massager

Thst first prostate massager is a game changer alright my friend. That was the first toy that I bought and had a successful prostate orgasm from as well!! I was in complete ecstasy and I could feel another orgasm begin to build, this one was different though, I could feel my cock throbbing, precum leaking out the tip. Glad it First lesbian kiss story out so well. The vibrations and the rubbing against my prostate was too much, i was thrashing around, then my cock started shooting rope after rope of cum.

Prostate orgasms are insane!! I felt like I was cumming through my whole body, I was shaking, it was such an incredible feeling to get fucked like that.

post. Thanks for sharing!

Prostate milking stories

As soon as I finished I decided that I was desperate for more and immediately bought a vibrating prostate massager. I put the toy back inside me and turned on the vibrations. That sounds awesome.