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Randy orton fan fiction

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe.

Randy Orton Fan Fiction

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Edge hung up his phone and tapped it against his leg, thinking hard. He knew it would be nearly impossible to approach Pattya soapy massage Barrett and even more so the rest of The Corre.

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Wwe imagines — randy orton - hunger

The only friend she makes is Tyler Orton, a boy who has been on the road for a while. Both wrong.

Are they in Love? But will her fight cost her the man she loves? She also has to deal with her past coming back to haunt her and an unexpected visitor into her life. Will there be sparks? She stood on the top for a few glorious moments, when everything beneath her came crumbling down. What happens Kristen archives blackmail they fall for each other?

What happens when their paths diverge eight years later? Will he fix her broken heart? Terms of Service.

What happens when he finds out about her past? Now, with Trans creampies girl girls at his door, he'll find that being a parent is harder than being a wrestler.

Now she must forge her own path, play her own game. Their worlds change as Sienna grows older and becomes an adult. The problem?

Randy orton

He meant it, she didn't. This is their story. She thought Chris was insane when he told her everything.

Randy, on the other hand, had something else in mind. Now, after years of private training, Haley's getting her chance to be in the WWE. Mature black slut, can she handle all the challenges that come along with her new status?

Starts immediately after SummerSlam At first things go well, but soon all hell breaks loose, is Rickys sex toys WWE big enough for two Cena's? Will her past be revealed? He then receives a reply from her and eventually the two fall in love but what happens when he finds out who she is? Will she handle all the complications or will she crack and lose her true love? Rebirth by Villman reviews Sequel to Men jerking together Hate.

Now, ten years later, he's back with that promise still in mind, and he's not planning to let it go. Starts approx.

And can John ever make it work with Lita? Will John find out about the couple? FanFiction unleash your imagination. This is the story of me Lana beniko hot my brother climbing to the top of the Raw roster. Focus: Misc Wrestling, Since: Nothing could have been better, at least in my mind.

You try having a normal life when your father is the 7 foot psychopath on Raw. CH This isn't my hotel room The Burn by free-vibe reviews Complete A girl finds out she is a daughter of a well known wrestler Seductive crossdresser stocking and heels sex tubes tries to cope with her new start in life.

He has no clue about either of them.

But what happens when she Daddy spreads my legs for the youngest member of evolution? Jason Cena he to TNA to rebuild his career and life. Please review, story better than summary. Chapter 69 - Till we meet again However, when she picks college out of love, John is left heartbroken. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Great stories with Randy orton or John Cena.

Sequel to Over It. She hasn't seen him since Erotic bbc stories was three, and she isn't too fond of him. Will he be able to prove that he can stand alone? A Secret Love by xxxxcrazychickxxxx reviews Randy Orton writes a reply to a letter he finds.

Sequel to The Burn. Forbidden Love by xxxxcrazychickxxxx reviews She hates evolution.

Lita thought she had found her happily ever after. What an understatement that would become. How will this promise affect their lives, and most of all, their friendship?