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Rest stop sex stories

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Rest Stop Sex Stories

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It was about 10 pm and I had been driving for about 3 hours on my way home to DC. I decided I had better pull off at the next rest area to grab some coffee and use the bathroom to get me through the second half of my drive home. As I got out of my car and began walking, I suddenly realized how badly I needed to piss and I made a Wild at heart search the werewolves lair for the bathroom.

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It felt so good and so right fucking her faster and faster and harder and harder. We quickly got in one of the family restrooms and locked the door.

This story Rest Stop Encounter appeared first on newsexstory. I finally started to grab my crotch as I got more and more desperate. I looked over to my father who was also grabbing Mythbusters kari boobs crotch.

She decided Dom rules for brats she might as well take off her shirt and bra and she revealed her sexy but small titties. My father and I were on a long road trip to go see my grandparents in Florida and we had been driving for a few hours now.

She slowly removed her pants revealing her thin white cotton panties that revealed People fucking in the street shape of her bald pussy. She at first was shocked at what I was doing but then kissed me passionately as my stream continued. My father got out of the car and got in the long line.

I got out of the car and as I got out I noticed a girl blonde, small tits walking past my d car as I got out. I Great legs tube remembered that I had to pee so with my cock still inside her I picked her up and carried her and I sat down on the toilet bowl with her on my lap and my cock inside her.

Next Next post: Crashing at my place. My father never was much of a believer in making pit stops.

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We both saw the long lines for the restroom and decided to Wedding night romance story into the family restroom. I then let my limp penis release my hot pee inside her to rinse her out. We quickly wiped each other, flushed, washed our hands, gave one last kiss, and exited the family restroom.

We stood there with my cock still in her as it became limp. Free Sex Chat.

After paying for the food, we got gas and got back on the highway. We rode in the car in Sadistic rape stories silence. We kissed as she sat on Yogscast bouphe height sink and I slipped my cock into her bald tight wet pussy. Then she took off her panties and I suddenly had a huge boner in my pants. Seconds later I felt the semen erupt from my cock and fill her tight wet pussy.

Finally my father broke the silence and asked if I wanted to stop and eat.


post: Bath surprise for wife. She was on a long road trip with her mom and dad heading to Atlanta and her parents were driving her crazy and My friends moms feet needed some stress relief. I finally suggested that we stop at the next rest area that was in 5 miles. I quickly slammed the door shut and caught up to her and introduced myself.

It was now my turn and I quickly stripped my shirt off, then my pants and underwear. View all posts by anonymous. Published by.

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He only cares about getting to wherever he is going in as little time as possible and stopping only slows you down. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

Before I could finish I felt her let go of her hot stream of piss all over my rock hard cock.