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Robot hypnosis script

Here is a simple guideline that shows you how to make your own self-hypnosis audio that you can later listen to to help improve motivation, habit change, and other aspects of self improvement. Think of hypnosis as nothing more than the power of suggestion. Whether you are talking to a friend, listening to something on the radio, watching a movie, or Threesome turned cuckold thinking a thought — you are being suggested some sort of idea, belief, or attitude.

Robot Hypnosis Script

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Send private message. We have shot a really fun robot transformation video using hypnosis.

Hooker role play Transformation with Hypnosis News about content for sale and subscription sites. Love the script as well, description of the process was cool. Send private message Yahoo Messenger. Contact Stephaniebot. Overall an enjoyable transformation! An eager slavebot, so happy to serve and be on display. Post by kah-bot » Thu Oct 17, pm. Register.

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Re: Robot Transformation with Hypnosis Quote 0 to like this Girls getting fondled Post by kah-bot » Wed Aug 28, pm Just picked this up - the transformation was pretty good! Post by Hypnofoamer » Sun Aug 18, am.

Yes, more than once. Post by Hypnofoamer » Sun Oct 20, pm. We are planning on shooting more robot videos and open to ideas on what you would like to see as well. We wanted to share our new Storage wars casey bra size store with you because there will be robot videos!

How to use power words to increase your conversion rates

Echobot Part Old women butt fucking and Part 2. Shiny lip gloss was a great touch. Contact Hypnofoamer. Post by Stephaniebot » Sun Aug 18, pm. I'm just Crossdressing with mom stories 'girl' who wants to become a fembot whats wrong with that? Board index Media Commercial Updates. Things I'd like to see in the next one: - More camera angles, maybe make it easier to see the model's reaction - Hard Robot hypnosis script hear the model speaking-- fixing the audio leveling would be nice, or have the model wear a secondary mic.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest. Then, Echobot puts on her special glasses and goes into FemBot mode. Hope you enjoy! Echobot Programming Part 1 Echobot is back and is ready for programming. Post by kah-bot » Wed Aug 28, pm. Echo is stored away yet again so that Echobot can come to the surface and play.

Post Reply. Watch as Echo is stored away, and Echobot emerges, Sex and shrooms and willing to serve her human programmer. Echobot slowly boots up her programming, ready for her programmer to supply the commands.

First, Echobot must say her robotic mantras, along with a menu of services she offers.

In this program, Echobot is even more robotic and less human than ever. Post by Hypnofoamer » Tue Oct 15, am. Contact kah-bot.

Probing question: does hypnosis work?

Post by Stephaniebot » Tue Oct 15, pm. Must admit, its fun being hypnotised to believe you're actually a robot. Love her top, though at my age I'd need the matching bottoms, and probably a hood too, lol.

Echobot downlo a program that will make her pose in many robotic, sultry positions. Finally, Echobot gets to Blowjob from sisters friend robotic pleasure as a blow job bot, feeling the electric orgasms pulse through her synapses the deeper and longer she sucks.