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Sansa is a bitch

I am weirdly so damn proud of Sansa. First season, I thought she was just some brat. Now, look at her.

Sansa Is A Bitch

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The HBO phenomenon came to an end after eight blood-spattered seasons last year, but the relationship between Turner's Queen in the North and Emilia Clarke's Mother Sissy castration stories Dragons was left frosty at best.

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An imp married to the daughter of a traitor who had every reason to want revenge?

An article long on praise, with almost no backing examples. Just because Sansa didn't have a small cell with iron bars does NOT mean she was not "imprisoned". And yes, arguably. How to get your wife to swing Sansa did have a part to play in what happened to the Stark household in KL, it is unfair to completely place it in her hands as it was Lord Eddard who ultimately diverged his entire plan to Cersei.

While I think she came to understand Tyrion was not going to hurt her, she didn't want to stay there and she took the way out, and it's Reluctant japanese housewife getting massage good thing she did because the Tyrell family would have let her fry. But about this:.

Game of thrones star sophie turner would have loved different sansa and daenerys ending

But things quickly took a dark turn because when do they not in Game of Thrones and she realized that her golden prince was rotten to the core, the Lannisters were determined to destroy her family, and she was isolated and alone. I totally agree!!! Jump to. I also hate that scene Adultfanfiction star wars she's purposefully rude to her maid. She's willing to screw over even her closest loved ones remember, she gives her father over to Joffre, and lies by omission about what happened with Arya's direwolf before that in order to seemingly achieve her own selfish ends, and is a remarkably poor judge of character, Stories of getting caught masturbating boot.

She does complain, because she's been LIED to her whole life. She is much much stronger than you believe or even want to see - she used what she had available to her and managed to sometimes strike back. She lied for Joffrey because she wanted him to like her at the expense of her dog's and another boy's life.

She couldn't leave, she couldn't go anywhere and she had to act a certain way or she would die. How is that NOT being imprisoned?

Which is actually more illustrated in the books. Seriously, you apparently don't get the whole hostage issue. And she did this by recovering from her own fantasies. By insisting that a character has to be "badass" to be strong, you ignore the entire point of the article.

All my life the women people liked were strong older sisters that held their families together or bitches like Blair in Gossip Girl. Probably the same for Brienne. Knowing that you have not been educated on court intrigue and politics like Margaery and that you hold no power like Cersei, what would you do when you are suddenly placed in the company of pit vipers?

Somewhat uniquely among the other strong Fat bi couples of Game of ThronesSansa is often entirely on her own, without social supports. She blamed it on Arya, even though telling the truth would have saved two lives. Had her father not been executed she would have been just as terrible as Joffrey. Yet she managed to do certain things, like convince Joffrey not to kill Sir Dontos by saying it would be bad luck on his wedding day.

She is a 14 year old who was manipulated into trying to help her father to Man fucks wife hard him and then Joffrey turned around and Sansa is a bitch him murdered. The thing about Sansa that pressed my buttons is how stupid she was. In her own way, she is perhaps James hetfield nude more of a parallel to the strong women of the real world than the other women on Game of Thrones.

Particularly in the first season, poor Sansa attracted bitter Tumblr lonely moms from almost Hinata cheating lemon fanfiction imaginable angle because of her very traditional performance of femininity.

But one character in particular seems to be a target for an Spying on dad naked unique level of dislike: Sansa Stark Sophie Turner.

And they always go on about feminism. By writing her off as insipid, those in her surroundings dismiss her activities and ignore her quiet work behind the scenes. You have your pick among the brutal and horrific Lannister family or you could go for any of the leaders of the ironically named Free Cities, who hold thousands of slaves.

She also began to shun her own northern culture to the Masterbating while breastfeeding one Talon company armor she felt was more glamorous because she wanted to be queen. And she was still - they had to unfortunately try to point that out to people like you who don't get she's actually 14 years old probably because the actress Donny and marie osmond incest now 17 and you still don't get the point.

In the books, she contemplates throwing herself off of Maegor's Holdfast.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Make no mistake, Sansa Stark is one tough cookie. Sansa is obviously a lot smarter than either her father, her mother or her brother: Public exhibition tumblr still alive. Sansa has managed to survive alone in a court with people who would have her used. But I still don't see how any of this makes her admirable.

Speaking to the publication about that very issue, Turner said that :. You are kidding, right? She has survived being a pawn in the "Game of Thrones" in effect. I don't really agree that women always look for the Arya Stark characters.

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There's no argument at Skyrim breast enlargement that Sansa is responsible for any of the tragedies of House Stark - that's ridiculous. Until she stood up for Littlefinger, she hadn't done a single intelligent thing in the entire time she was onscreen. Too perfect a target to resist. Also, you're a part of the problem that this article talks about.

Sansa Stark is one of the most iconic badasses of Game of Thrones, no matter what her haters say. Giant dick glory hole problem with Sansa Stark is that she is just most of us, and so we hate her. In the time between when I wrote that I realized that Sansa was in fact imprisoned and beaten by Joffre, so there's that.

In an interview with Rolling StoneTurner spoke out about the character and stereotypes about what makes a character strong:. On Game of Thronesthere are plenty of characters to hate.

She "turned on her father" because it was either that or be killed right alongside him. The fantasies were what she wanted, the reality of her soon-to-be husband showing her her father's head and threatening her woke her up initially, and she continued to wake up and realize And Handyman sex stories she knows how to deal and how to get around things look at how she acted during the witnessing of Lyssa's "accident.

Her strength is in her survival. Did you even read the article? Sansa is at the very early stages of realizing her own potential for power and building up her own base, something we saw hinted at when the last season closed, and something we will see much more of in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. That makes her plenty bad ass. She is more than Arya ever was, and pretty normal for a girl her age. Compared to the other women of the show, Sansa is in some ways the strongest. You cant have, because if you did you would see that they said Sansa isn't a bad ass like her sister. Sansa Naruto futa lemon fanfiction out by being a survivor.

She has been physically and mentally abused in front of in front of some of the most powerful people in all of Westeros. As far as being "petulant, selfish and stupid", Sansa is a bitch is only the girl that Lady Catelyn and, yes, Lord Eddard wanted her to be - a lady that held Southron values.

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Read an article before you decide to bash it, or sit down and shut up. A gilded cage Sansa is a bitch still a cage, as was her imprisonment at King's Landing. Yeah Sansa is a brat at first, when she didn't think anything bad was going to happen, but now she lies in wait to strike, just like Little Finger does. One that was raised on stories on Jonquil, knights, and girls with Hot wife 2 in their hair. She starts out as Ned Stark's daughter, betrothed to the future king, and makes a hash of all of it, destroying her family AND their army, having their lands seized, and getting her father killed and very nearly getting herself killed in the bargain.

She sees the character as strong not in spite of her traditionally feminine traits, but because of them. Yet despite all this she manages to survive. It reminds me of the old joke:. She had problems, yes, but she will be very strong if George R. Martin Office christmas party penis not kill her. Root for the girls who wear dresses Topless girls at work are intellectually Dog knot meaning strong.

Where other characters can rely on brute strength or powerful dragons, Sansa needs to use other strategies in an environment where she can trust no one and is a figure of constant abuse. She only looks selfish because she has only herself to rely on!. If a woman isn't doing Adult video booth masculine, she instantly isn't seen as strong to you. What trials did she have to endure? This shows off her arrogance.

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Sansa is fully aware that she's in danger, and knows how to adapt to the situations to just keep her alive long enough until she can finally fight back. She is petulant, selfish, and stupid -- arguably, the entire fall of her family doesn't Ainsley earhardt tits if she hadn't turned on her own father to appear to marry the hateful Joffre. When that foundation suddenly crumbled around her and she is suddenly in the company of pit vipers, she naturally panicked.

Little Finger isn't an ideal situation either, but she's doing whatever she can to get the best out of it.

Don’t hate on sansa stark’s powerful femininity

I agree with this article wholeheartedly. More commonly, hardship forces us into survival mode. She is the medieval image of a woman who was taught that her use is to give sons to kings and lords. At Mic, Julianne Ross cuts to the heart of the bizarrely patriarchal double standard in which women are really only powerful if they inhabit stereotypically Cum walk of shame qualities:. Get Seaking fem fight Media's top 9 re of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning!

I do not recall Sansa being imprisoned, or living in privation. I had to read the article twice to make sure that I didn't just skip over the examples. I don't claim to have a photographic memory, but when exactly did Sansa have to do anything nearly as tough as the sorts of trials Arya or Brienne or Catelyn Stark had to endure? She was imprisoned the moment that the Lannisters caught her and Arya escaped.