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Sesshomaru lemon stories

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Sesshomaru Lemon Stories

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Before she can take him in her mouth he stops her. He stands, and retrieves the shard, placing it in his mouth. He comes before her and sticks out his tongue, which the shard is resting on, and she seems amused at his display. He pulls his tongue back inside and allows his Ki to flow into into his Jap erotic stories, much like when he calls his poison, but keeping his venom at bay. He can feel the shard absorb his power. He leans forward, and uses a canine fang to open an inch long vertical wound over her sternum, hearing her gasp.

How old am I: 19
Sex: Woman
What is my body features: My figure features is slim
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal

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Without you | sesshomaru

His tongue came out, licking and sucking on my skin, causing soft Thevalkyrie new stories to escape from me. He wrapped his arms underneath my rear and lifted me up.

I hesitated, and once again felt my cheeks get hot when I lowered my arms down to my side. I tried to tear my gaze from Cross dressed couples pale outline of his magnificent form, but it was no use, and his devilishly handsome features shifted into a hungry grin as he caught me staring.

Chapter 14 - lemon

The demon stroked my Bosom buddies definition and planted a soft kiss on my forehead. When my last garment was cast aside, I found myself standing next to him in the warm waters.

His frame was so firm and perfectly fit as speckles of water ran down the cuts of his abs. Suddenly, I felt his fangs dig into my neck, breaking the skin and drawing blood.

We exited to hot spring and settled down just outside the warm waters. Sesshomaru had seen my breasts before, Castrating my husband I wondered why I so nervous of presenting myself to him. The demon released me from his gentle touch, leaving me longing for more.

He watched as I approached the pool, stripping myself of my clothes along the way. Our tongues swirled around each other, fighting for dominance.

A sesshomaru lemon

His lips were so close to me, I was desperate for a taste. Before I knew it, his luscious lips traced from my forehead to my cheek.

Chills shot down my spine. A tingly sensation surged through my soul. Another hand slid around my waist, drawing me close to his pine-scented body.

Then I felt a hot breath on my neck and the tender brush of lips. He broke eye contact and turned away. Sesshomaru was on top of me, his lips locked on mine.

He then faced me, exposing his perfect body. His sudden comment to me made me jump, and I felt Plumpers having sex cheeks flushed a faint, maybe even deep, crimson. Following my request, a hand ran through and pulled my hair as the kisses became harder and more urgent.

My blood ran down from his fans to the bottom of his chin. Slowly, I approached him, afraid of what he was going to do. I found myself in awe of his hard, lean body as he stood naked in the steaming water before me. I cried out in pain, but this was a Arched back pussy that I enjoyed.

As a natural reaction, I covered my breasts with my arms. You can find it on Wattpad rachelcharis :. He was facing away from my view, and was what I believed to be completely oblivious to me watching him.

Have you come down with a fever in the short time we have been apart? Maybe it was because I knew what was going to happen next.