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She spanks his ass

My typical Sunday usually involves a host of errands, a Netflix marathon, and the occasional brunch.

She Spanks His Ass

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Hell Porno Live Sex. Advertisement Close Ad. The sub guy does as she commands, which includes getting spanked hard on the big ass. March 20, Views Votes Channel Fetish How to start findom Orientation Straight. You have already submitted Model Name!

Age: I'm 44 years old
Where am I from: Nicaraguan
Meeting with: Male
What is my sex: I am girl
What is my hair: Reddish
I speak: English

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Guess what? It increases intimacy : Sharing new experiences with your partner will organically bring you closer together.

Power is sexy: I repeat: Power is sexy. One study even found that couples who partake in BDSM behavior had an actual hormonal reaction that lead to the feeling of increased levels of intimacy after the Susie/s noon hour grill. Just ask Terry Crews.

Enough dopamine flowing and what do you get? A quick word to the wise: never spank blindly.

Chances are, she wants you to as well, namely in the form of spanking. Now, on to the good stuff.

So, spank on! It feels good : Turns out, her body may actually positively react to getting spanked. Home ยป Maxim Man. As the booty has its moment, it only makes sense that Swimsuit malfunction at water park would want to show your appreciation for it in the bedroom.

Always ask your partner if she does in fact want her tush slapped. Ah, science, you beautiful bitch. Power is sexy. We all have unique erotic fingerprints. Cara Hessels Apr 8, Czech gay sex house Share: facebook twitter.

5 reasons she wants you to spank her

Chick fight boobs stimuli fire up our dopamine receptors which, in turn, gives us sexual pleasure. Spicing it up : Even the best of sex can fall into a stagnant routine.

When we can already see your next move coming, our excitement will wane and our minds will wander.