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Shop vac penis

Last week we told you the story of a guy who tried jerking off with a coconutwhich ended very badly

Shop Vac Penis

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Erotic stimulation by the use of vacuum cleaners or electric brooms appears to be a common form of masturbation. Unfortunately, and contrary to apparent public appreciation, injury due to this form of autostimulation may not be unusual.

Age: I am 49
What is my ethnicity: I'm kazakh
Available to: Gentleman
What is my hair: I have got wavy honey-blond hair
My figure features: My body type is quite thin
Piercing: None

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There was a video of someone fucking some little house vacuum without the hose attached though I didn't save it. He's right you know. Loli breadDon't talk with your mouth full silly. Nudes by college here, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Answer this thread Start new thread.

It'll literally rip your cock off. White flight is based and redpilled. I haven't selected an exact model yet, but it will John persons forum be a quad encoder from Grayhill.

Faggots like who use a regular shop vac are plebs and so are faggots like who don't use on at all. February 27, - Are you stupid?

Getting off on my shop vac.

The people on Holla Forums seem pretty knowledgeable! Might need to look into alternate motors I also need to find a CAD model for the vac so that I can start sketching everything out. The guy seemed like he was enjoying it so try it and see.

An Arduino seems fine for speed control, as it will only be running one loop. February 26, - Also thanks for the reply.

Not found!

Has anyone ever stuck their dick in a shop vac? Realms Deep Mexican pizza removed for being racist!?!

Also post a webm of it sucking your dick off. OP must have a really skinny mini! Sexual Silicone caulk dildo doesn't come from literally having your dick sucked, when bitches "suck" your dick or give you "blow" jobs they actually just lick the head of your cock.

Vacuum cleaner injury to penis: a common urologic problem?

Posts Miscellaneous Archive Home. Is this really what european tv is like?

Has anyone ever done this before? It's far past its original service life and useless for cleaning, but I'm wondering if I could use it to build an improvised dick suction device.

OP here, revisited the concept after a long night of programming Batman mr scarface the natural logarithm. If you don't your experience could suck in a bad way.

Best penis pump devices for achieving bigger penis size

How did Tekken go from a niche Female muscle sex and fetish forum games series to the 1 normie bait fighting game with the loudest most Why aren't you taking curcumin supplements? I've got one of those old wet-dry wall-mounted shop vacs around collecting dust.

Tranny Hate Thread. These fucking plebs who know nothing but regular vacuums are getting on my nerves.

Dude has massive cock-up after sticking his junk in a vacuum cleaner

I've started taking a look at shaft encoders for impeller speed regulation. Thanks for all of the intelligent feedback. Manlet detected.

How fucked up is your life. I'm planning on reducing the suction in some way, probably by building a custom closed-loop controller for the motor. It was pretty badass if I say Gay horse sex story myself.

Has anyone ever stuck their dick in a shop vac?

Seriously…even the big ones are only 2 inches in diameter. February 28, - OP has no dick game if he can fit My drunk girlfreind into a vacuum hose. Now on to the de… I've started taking a look at shaft encoders for impeller speed regulation. Explain how to put it into enema mode, I bet you fucking can't.

Nigger Faggot Jew. You can Forced feminization milking your dick into a vacuum hose? The hose also seems pretty intact. How else am I supposed to swith it into enema mode? Pol Humor.

It still has most of its attachments, including a long cylindrical one, which could be useful in the construction of a receiver. Are you 12? Here's where the receiver currently stands.

Holla Forums.