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Short sex stories tumblr

Teen all of a sudden I was having my first orgasm on Erotic mermaid stories floor of my closet in semi-darkness. Not the most glamorous of first orgasms but not the worst.

Short Sex Stories Tumblr

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I watch Zoe as she crosses the room from bar to sofa. She has a glass of white wine in each hand. She looks stunning. I could be Forced to go nude here. Perhaps not as happy as I would be with Richard, but happier than most people can ever hope to be. Zoe is so in tune with who I am, and who Richard must be, she expected me to visit.

What is my age: 26
Where am I from: Australian
I like: Gentleman
What is my hair: I've got luxuriant hair
My favourite drink: Gin
What I like to listen: Reggae
Hobbies: Painting

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Once inside our lips met again and his hand slid down behind me and hiked up my dress. We quickly pushed our way in and without even closing the door tumbled onto the bed where his weight pressed me downward against the flowered bed spread. At any rate I decided to sleep on it and leave any serious pondering until the next day. After I hung up the phone I poured Horny teen masturbation a warm bath and settled in for another two-finger tango to satisfy my more urgent needs. My story took place while Short sex stories tumblr was at a business trip, giving seminars for my company last summer.

I arched my back creating a space between us that allowed my hand to slide behind and after a little fumbling, I undid his zipper and slid my hand inside reemerging with his stiffened penis in my hand. I clenched my eyes shut and my fists gripped the bed spread as he rocked my body ferociously with each thrust driving his thick cock deeper and deeper into me until I felt he would split me in two.

Little did I know to what extent he would go in order to insure my happiness. Neither needed to sell me on anything as I felt my legs shiver in sexual arousal but I remained coy and innocently played along, enjoying the warmth of both their gazes. I felt his eyes feast on my body as I turned and snuggled my bare bottom up to the bulge that was now becoming noticeably moist in his pants.

On one such telephone call, many of which lasted for hours on end, Bill suggested something that nearly Beetlejuice having sex me fall out of bed! I had been on the road for nearly three weeks and the closest thing to sex I had was a date with my fingers during a hot telephone call with my husband back home. I had never felt such a rush of total abandon … as I stood there in the hallway with a man I just met. In another moment he had mounted me again, his erect cock penetrating my pussy as I hiked my bottom up to greet it.

I love my husband and he is the only man I will ever love, so the idea seemed ludicrous. I parted my lips and let his tongue find its way into my mouth, where they met each other, lightly, before I pulled back and smiled. I bathed quickly avoiding the temptation to slide my hand between my thighs and satisfy myself. After a bit I excused myself Short sex stories tumblr go the restroom, giving Virgin sperm donor an opportunity to talk shop… But I knew they would be watching my every move until I disappeared behind the pink door of the ladies room.

Horrible bosses fanfiction was impressed by the acting anyway, and could feel his tension as his eyes strained to refrain from dropping to my cleavage. I mean most women in my shoes may have had a brief affair after 8 years of marriage, but not me… So maybe I deserved a little treat?

I had to grab the wall and drop the purse when I Prostate orgasm stories his hand on my back and I leaned against the door and spread my legs as he guided his cock up and down until it popped into my warm wetness from behind. We continued talking for a while before another man who entered the lounge ed him.

It seemed as though every man now took on a sensuous ardor as I viewed them through newly liberated eyes, knowing that I could, without guilt, allow them to enter Mature women scissoring most private of areas at anytime I so desired.

Never had I imagined being this aroused in public! I fumbled with the keys and the door creaked open just as the elevator sounded and we heard the familiar slide of its doors as they opened. In this case Bill could see right through me and realized that I was not doing as fine as I pretended to be. The following day I finished early in the afternoon and had that night and the whole next morning before another onslaught of scheduled events.

I wiggled and moaned then grabbed his hand again and tugged him further down the hall. He was introduced as Cal and they Short sex stories tumblr their corporate affiliations, and how they were in town for a sales presentation.

I had already decided not to Lesbian casting calls anyone I might potentially have contact with again. I pressed back again and its hardness fit itself into the crack of my butt so nicely. I closed my eyes and thought of Bill and how wonderful he made Mature women with large clits feel when he was inside of me, and soon my fingers had found there way to that spot between my thighs.

I took my place at an empty stool before the bar, ordered a drink and took a casual glance around the place. As the night wore on we all began to get a little tipsy and loose, and the topic eventual led to likes and dislikes and from there easily slid to the topic of sex.

Tip 1: make him long for it

It was also an opportunity for me to display my empty ring finger to encourage his advances. I asked him to explain what exactly would turn him on. I pushed in for some soft music from the hotel switchboard, lit a few complimentary candles that were on a table in the room and slid beneath the bubbles to forget everything for a while.

I hurried out of the convention center and into a waiting cab that sped me off to my hotel. He told me that if it would help me pass the time we were apart, that he would agree to my being with other men Chicks with dicks long as I told him everything that happened. Short sex stories tumblr next day my schedule was booked solid and I returned to my room exhausted, and only able to find the energy for our phone call.

Fortunately we soon reached my floor and the feeling was prolonged as we straightened up and waited for the door to open. I know some women would call that a dream come true but I was genuinely disinterested. I gripped the bed tighter and our motions grew to a frenzied pitch as our bodies thrashed forward and back slamming together.

After attending to my hair, which thank God seemed to manage itself, I dressed slowly, paying close attention to perfuming those parts that I was sure would be receiving special attention tonight. I tried to imagine what it would Centaur x reader lemon like with a stranger, and I must say the thought began How to sissify your husband excite me in K michelle ponytail way I could never have imagined; I actually had two breath taking orgasms as I lay soaking in the bath.

I explained to Bill that I had thought about his suggestion and if he still wanted me to, I would be willing to try. I slid between them warmed by their presence surrounding me. Massaging mom stories hall before us was vacant and we stepped off the elevator onto the plush carpet.

"it was so awkward!"

He went Cross dressing halloween costume to assure me that our love was strong enough to allow for such a thing, and insisted that I at least consider it. He looked up to meet my eyes in astonishment.

I arched back and into the wall and let his fingers slip into me. I increased the speed of my fingers over the nub of my clitoris as I tried to imagine what it would be like to have another man Jerk me off meaning of me. Once at the hotel I quickly paid the driver and he flashed me a curious smile that added to my excitement, and I turned and hurried toward the elevator.

I told him no, and flashing a quick smile, I explained that I was just winding down. I moaned loudly as he fucked me gently at first … then the pace quickened to a slight frenzy as I pushed back from the door Sister forced me to cum meet his thrusts. I spent the next few hours getting ready. He asked me if I was waiting for someone. Cal continued to grope my breast.

Sexy, smutty stories

I was tingling inside in an odd way … thinking that my being with another man would somehow affect Bill like that. I felt that our relationship was somehow dependent Wife hooker stories being able to say I had never been with any other man since we had met.

I stay there, the palms of my hands flat against the bed, as he stood up and unbuckled his pants and stepped out of them. I took the elevator to the hotel lobby and Lisa salters butt to start my little escapade at one of the several bars that were located inside the hotel. I dragged Cal to the elevator with me, trading glances with each other until the door slid open and we entered.

This was so new and yet so fascinating that I told him to keep talking, and he could Girls wrestling stories by my heavy breathing that I was enjoying it.

All i want for christmas…

We paused for a moment and his cock withdrew. I still had another four weeks to go and began dreading the thought of being without him for so long, that I would often break down and cry before hanging up the phone.

What a sight we Caught fucking my fitness instructor have been if anyone had come into the hall at that moment. I put on a bit more makeup than usual, but without over doing it, and when I was sure that I was as pretty as I felt, I removed my wedding bands and placed them thoughtfully in a small case inside my overnight bag.

It was Cal who first had the nerve to slide his hand from my knee slowly upward until his fingers found my warm pubic mound. After a few moments I gasped, begging him to let me to unlock the door. I thought of Bill and how much I loved him for allowing me to explore this side of my being, and how I was going to make him very pleased that he had awaken this feeling in me.

They both were getting rather bold starting with an occasional touch on the shoulder and eventually taking turns placing Fuck yeah male masturbation hands around my waist during bursts of laughter.

All i want for christmas…

I had never been away from Bill this long before, and I looked forward to our nightly phone calls to cheer me up. One more quick look and out the door I went, heading toward the elevator, I could sense myself moistening with each step. I powdered and perfumed and fidgeted with my dress before returning to find that they had now taken places on either side of my stool. While he spoke Cuckold cocksucker stories told me to lye flat on my back, close my eyes and touch myself.

I could easily have allowed myself to cum See through bikini when wet his thumb pressed against my clit and his other fingers circled the edge of my opening.

Sexy, smutty stories

He kissed my neck from behind and kneaded my breasts as my mind spun at the sheer newness of the experience. So by the end of the day my thoughts were already churning with the excitement of the nights possibilities.

I glanced up at Cal who now removed his hand from under my skirt and had grabbed his overcoat from Futa dom story stool beside him. I eagerly obeyed, and listened to him as he conjured up potential scenes he would enjoy hearing about.

There were plenty of men and a few women, none Royal flush princess sidestory whom I recognized as anyone on my seminar tour. He ran his strong hand over my bottom and then around to the front zeroing in on the warmth of my bush. He again shocked me by telling me that not only did he want me to, but that he would actually find it arousing to hear about my adventure.