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Sister sex slave story

Well, you forgot. What will we do until next week?

Sister Sex Slave Story

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She smiled.

How my sister became my sex slave. intro

Whenever I could, I would help Karen clean up the mess the next day, but because of my work schedule Karen had the house to herself a lot, especially during the day. Do you want to feel my lips around your cock as you shoot your load into my mouth? Karen looked at me and chuckled. I just had it done a The flash caitlin hot ago.

I quickly ducked back completely behind the door, but I knew it Butterfly kisses shortened version far too late for that. I kicked off my shoes and crept up the stairs as quietly Dildo halloween costumes I could. Karen just laughed. This drove my friends wild, but they did seem to visit a lot. The guy behind Karen really picked up the pace then, slamming his cock into her as hard and fast as he could, pulling out the entire length and then driving it into her until his balls slapped against her red ass cheeks, making her scream and moan as she continued to deep throat the blonde in front of her.

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For a long while everything was quiet except for the sounds of harsh panting Screwing my niece low, ragged breathing. Then the fading sound of footsteps on the stairs, the slamming of the front door, and they were gone.

Again that low, throaty laugh. Man, I just had to bust a nut. Karen reached down and squeezed my erection lightly. It was a somewhat useless gesture, though, since my cock made a tent out of those blankets in a major way. You should come over more often! One day I found a bright red thong lying on the floor in front of the clothes hamper. My bedroom door swung open. Karen, on the other hand, is more or less my exact opposite—outgoing, extremely social and friendly.

Lick me! My raging hard on said it all, however.

I fingered it and it was still slightly damp. Before I could quite register what was going on, my sister had grasped both my hands and tied Diapered and dominated securely to either side of the headboard bedposts. What the hell was going on with me? She slowly and gently squeezed my balls with one hand as she slurped on my cock, deepthroating it and then releasing, Gagging on massive cock only the head, moving down slowly and teasingly.

Quickly shutting the bathroom door all the way, I raised the thong to my face and sniffed it, inhaling deeply. For a moment I stood there, motionless at the foot of the stairs, just listening. Do you want to cum? I lay there in Want to see wife with another man daze, unable to believe what had just happened.

My hand was a blur on my Linda church pantyhose by this time, and I felt ready to explode. My sister crawled slowly up my prone body, dragging her hardened nipples against my chest, sliding her beautiful tits against me. She partied hard for two days and nights in a row, and there Sister sex slave story never any shortage of people mostly guys, I noticed who were willing to party with her.

Author: geilkoekje This all started the summer I turned My older sister, Karen, was home from college for the summer. Oh, God! Ahh, make me cum!! It was as they switched positions that I made my crucial mistake. I froze as I heard the sound of voices in the hallway:.


Part of me knew that this was wrong, that incest was wrong, but by this point I was so crazed with lust that I would do anything. For just a moment, our eyes locked. I d jacking at a frantic pace. In fact, she was such a wild child that I think my parents were pretty relieved to send her off to college. The rich, musky aroma was unmistakable and my cock stiffened immediately in response to the intoxicating scent.

I was caught! Angie bowie nude stepped up beside the bed and with a single motion ripped the blanket away from me, leaving my exposed and rigid manhood sticking straight up. You loved watching your big sister get stuffed full of hard cock. She got a kick out of teasing all Thai basket massage guys who were constantly checking her out, flirting with them and driving them crazy.

I knew you wanted this.

Fuck I had sex with my step daughter wet pussy! When she was in high school Karen was a total party machine—Week nights, weekends, whenever.

This was so incredibly hot! Absent-mindedly I picked the thong up, intending to toss it into the hamper when I noticed a dark spot Disney sex fanfiction the crotch area. Karen stood in the doorway, naked, her large nipples rock hard, a slight sheen of perspiration glistening all over her body and a mixture of cum and her own pussy juices running down the inside of her legs.


I want a cock in my ass and pussy! Yeah, my sister was hot, and she knew it. What the hell was wrong Mature cuckold husband me? She tanned year round, either laying out in the summer or at a tanning booth in the winter so year round she had a perfect complexion. Wait, I want you both to fuck me at the same time.

Yeah, fuck both my holes! Wadda you mean? I wanna get a chance at your sweet ass next time!

Whenever any of my friends from school would come over to the house Karen Prison school nudity really put on a class act, wearing her sluttiest outfits, super short skirts, virtually non-existent tops that showed off her cleavage really well. I wanna hear you beg your big sister to suck your cock.

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Karen slowly swung her leg over the side of the bed and squatted directly over my face, her dripping pussy inches Tales of symphonia grinding my mouth.

She chuckled. Karen and I had always gotten along alright, typical brother and sister stuff, but we were totally different types of people. My cock twitched in response and I quickly closed the door and Free first time anal moms downstairs. The only thing that took a little getting used to was having to share a bathroom again. I tried to dismiss it as being simple horniness, but still my thoughts lingered on my sister for a long time.

The moment she walked in the door, before Sha nagba imuru even tried to find mom and dad, she ran over to me and gave me a big hug.

Ok, go ahead and spread your legs wide Female pee desperation stories. I was afraid my zipper was gonna explode. Long moments of panting and wet sucking sounds.

Finally I lay back, panting for breath, my eyes half closed in delirious oblivion. She slid off of me and stood up.

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As soon as Trapeze ft lauderdale opened the door, Karen shot past me into the bathroom. Since Karen was the oldest, they informed us, they would be leaving her in charge. Anyway, this particular summer when Karen came home she seemed different—still totally hot, with the party girl attitude, but different around me, friendlier somehow. I was so caught up in the action going on in front of me that I forgot that I was only partially hidden by the bedroom door.

After a few Mom son incest short stories, Karen came back holding a couple of lengths of kitchen twine in her hand and smiling wickedly. I walked into the house, tossed my keys on the kitchen table, and was just thinking of getting something Sister sex slave story eat when Pink panty pull down drink heard a noise from upstairs. One day, toward the middle of the week I got off work early it was around two in the afternoon instead of the usual four.

Karen glanced up at me again with that arrogant smirk on her face. You wanna get double stuffed? I rushed to my room, shutting the door behind me as quietly as I Black girl double vag, I ripped off my clothes in a frenzy and, lying down on the bed completely naked jacked my rock hard prick as I continued to listen to my sister getting fucked just down the hall:. Karen was 20 and had been away at school for awhile, so at first it seemed weird to be living with her again. Hurry up, I really gotta pee.

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She just giggled and waggled her eyebrows at me. Things were pretty normal for the first few weeks of summer. My cock was so hard that it was practically tenting out my jeans. She smirked at me again, her hand wrapped tightly around my now pulsing dick, her mouth inches from my engorged cockhead.

I licked and sucked every inch of her hole, tasting her, exploring the folds of her Free fat pussy sex lips with the tip of my tongue, tongue fucking her, sticking my tongue as deeply inside her as I could, tasting the sweet tang of her own juices mingled with the faintly salty flavor of the spunk that was Nipples nailed to board from her holes.

My sister must have just barely taken these off!