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Soggy biscuit stories

for Free! Have you played "Soggy Biscuit"?

Soggy Biscuit Stories

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Packed with potassium and vitamins, too.

Searching for the truth about ‘soggy biscuit’

But did it ever even exist in the first place? The somewhat more respectable writer, actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry, the U. A Wykhamist friend told me of a pursuit at Winchester called the Biscuit Erotic text files. Or is that rumor just a load of… well, you know?

I reached out to Stephen Fry for the answers to some of these questions, but did not hear back, if you can believe it.

More Stories from MEL. The last one to spit his stuff on the biscuit eats it. Look, I grant you, Soggy Biscuit is a really funny idea: Upper-class toffs eat a biscuit with spaff on it! The beauty of ballbusting players stand around in a circle tossing off onto a Wholemeal Digestive.

To say someone has played it is essentially to suggest that he is a warped but privileged asshole think former Prime Minister David Cameron and his dead-pig-fellatio antics at Oxford. Hate them for what they do — not for snacks they might or might not have shot their load on. Right Young adies for xex, the logistics of the game seem tricky at best.

Anyone ever played 'soggy biscuit'?

Sexual abuse in boarding schools is widespread, with many decades-old cases just coming to light now. Nobody daisy-chained or made biscuits soggy any more than your mates did in state school Family nude beach stories school, in U.

There are people out there ejaculating into raw chickens. The team at U. Considering the fact that the British media is still so dominated by the upper classesit seems absurd that, if She straddled him is really a common practice, there has never been even a whisper associated with any of the numerous household-name celebrities who attended swanky schools.

In the U. You could certainly hazard an educated guess that the same is true of the U. We might be doing other kinds of damage in perpetuating the jizzy biscuit tale, too. Does everyone in the circle have their own biscuit, resulting in a gift basket of semen-glazed snacks?

Soggy biscuit

If Sanaa lathan bisexual person is holding it, must he stay completely still, or does he port it over to each Skinny dipping parties at the point of arrival and try to stay out of the way? But the fact remains that there are more imaginative, less morally dubious and frankly far more legitimate ways to make fun of elites. Mike Rampton Mike Rampton is a freelance writer who lives in London. Even Reddit, the Mecca of off-piste sexual confessions, is light when it comes to tales of dough-based deposits.

If you take the biscuit away, in fact, the whole concept is relatively pedestrian: Group masturbation in adolescence is fairly commonafter all. Is the biscuit resting on a special little table?

But despite the differences in title, the core components remain the same: a bunch of dudes standing around a biscuit or cookie, as you would sayjerking off, with the last guy to finish having to eat the newly frosted comestible. Compared to that, eating a biscuit with some cum on it is pretty mainstream. One of the few times Soggy Biscuit has definitely happened was in Massachusetts in With the only prominent on-record example being so odious, why, then, does the idea still exist in the public consciousness at all?

He enjoys making aggressively difficult puns, drinking on trains and pretending to be smarter than he is. There was zero homosexuality — I mean, obviously some of the boys were gay, Moms fucking younger guys it was an alien concept.

Soggy biscuit, a variation

Everyone knows that frat bros and upper-class boarding school twits have been glazing cookies with their bodily fluids forever. Mike Rampton is Opposite of voyer freelance writer who lives in London. He would like to own a boat one day but accepts that he probably won't. And why does such a timeless rumour not have even one celebrity face, the way Richard Gere is inextricably linked to gerbil-based ass play?