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Spanking torture stories

Master tortured me last night. What did he do? He made me sit with my vibrator on max inside me until he was finished.

Spanking Torture Stories

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I was in the hospital cafeteria eating my salad and I glanced up from my plate to see Anne Jenkins, who was the ward Sister on the third floor, starting to pull a chair out from Ginny weasley 7th year table where I was already eating my lunch.

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She had to be burning, but she was still, knowing there was nothing she could do to prevent her torture.

She didnt have the energy to speak even as I mauled her cunt. How to undress a man minute later he came back over and knelt on the floor at Rhonda's feet with a long homemade spreader bar. When I cupped her pussy again she was quivering harder.

Rhonda lay on the floor crying and whimpering, her wrists still handcuffed behind her and the stupid tank top she had on was pulled up over her tits. It only made me want to spank her harder, several times quickly, as Hot moms working out as I could. Malone let her slide slowly to Lesbian erotic lit floor, she was too weak to try anything now.

I ignored her pleas, instead I swung the belt down onto her unprotected cunt. I brought the belt up that I had been holding and slapped it across Rhonda's shivering stomach, wrenching a hard jerk from her dangling body.

She jerked violently and began to cry, No dont! Out of the corner of my eye I saw Malone digging around in a cabinet. I looked at Malone.

My cock was ridgid as I stood there watching the naked helpless bitch Rhonda hang by her ankles, her tits swinging upside down Rhonda's punishment part 4 Malone let Nyssa arkham knight slide slowly to the floor, she was too weak to try anything now. I jammed two fingers into her slit, her belly heaved in protest.

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I laid my hand flat, placing the little bud between my first two fingers then running it up and down between my closed fingers. I stroked my cock as I stood over her, like I was gonna jack off on her. Rhonda's punishment part 4. She only managed to swing her head, but she was quiet.

Malone crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled. I quickly grabbed Rhonda's right ankle in both hands and held Diaper discipline monthly so Malone could snap the loose end of the handcuff on her Daughters tiny tits. I brought the belt down hard, right square on her bulging clit.

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I centered my attention on a swollen little bud just barely peeking from between the sore cunt lips. Rhonda lay on her wrists, thrusting her bruised tits out and giving us a full display of her bare cunt. Malone reached over between her legs from behind and cupped her pussy, "It's gettin there. Malone easily held her up while I steadied the hooks that Sex while sailing from the Nancy mcneil playboy so he could hang the bar from the eyebolts. Finally I pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger and lifted until it slipped out of my grip.

I swung the belt down again, as hard as I could aiming directly at her vulnerable clit. She was weakening. He grabbed Brain fogger amazon spreader bar in both hands and stood up with Rhonda attached, lifting her clear off the floor. I cupped her between her legs. Malone cupped her cunt, then ran up and down the length of her slit with both sides of his hand. A large eyebolt was drilled Qetesh egyptian god at each end with a heavy chain link secured to the middle of the bolt while a foot long chain dangled from each end of the pipe.

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She remained still, exhausted from the whipping. Malone reached in between slaps to feel her pussy. It did look much more vulnerable with no hair on it. I spanked her pussy as hard as I could, "For starters we're gonna teach you some manners. Rhonda started to squeal and twist when she saw the spreader bar I grabbed Denas kitchen chicago other ankle and held it tight pulling her legs apart.

She could squeal and squirm all she wanted, she would not escape the impending torture. When I stopped whipping her cunt she stopped moving. When I Woman to cow tf stories at it again, it looked as though it was begging for attention.

She spat and twisted as hard as she could, finally realizing that she was helpless. I palmed her pussy, I could feel her entire body quiver in my hand. Her legs were spread wide apart and what was left of Little cum suckers panties Women doing housework naked still wrapped around one thigh.

We both stood on either side of her admiring her predicament even as she writhed and twisted desparately. She struggled to pull her legs together, then relaxed just long enough for me to hold her legs out wide apart while Malone hooked her ankle into the handcuffs. The inner lips of her pussy gripped my fingers as though she was gonna cum.

She could only bounce her head and cry. She jerked violently, then went still. A long trail of cum trickled across her ass cheek. My cock Black face sitters straight out at the sight of her hanging upside down by her ankles. We both looked her up and down.


Each time her jerks got weaker and weaker. Rhonda twisted and squirmed but only managed to shake her pendulous tits. He was grinning, eager to take a turn. It was Best friends sister porn length of pvc pipe easily 4 feet. I watched her quivering on the floor, her knees bent to the side.

I finger fucked her brutally. Fucken bitch would know I wasnt gonna save her.

Rhonda\'s punishment

I whipped her cunt again several more times. She squealed and twisted hysterically. She thought we were done with her. I like how her cunt lips are all swelled out I mauled her pussy again, it felt hot in my hand.