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Strip for your wife

The Marriage Bed. This is to give you ideas, modify based on who you are and who he is.

Strip For Your Wife

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Granted, most guys aren't Chippendales strippers, nor are they well practiced in the fine art of pelvic thrusting at least not on dance floorsbut nevertheless, you can keep this experience light and interesting. Not to mention, she may just love what she's seeing. Make sure you have maneuverability — the last thing you want is to slam into a table and have to be rushed Pampers diaper stories emergency. You'll both laugh about it one day, but it won't be funny at the time.

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Keelie is a mother of three amazing boys and married to her high school sweetheart, Austin.

The set up

Putting yourself out there brings a lot of excitement to your bedroom. Share on twitter. Popular Products.

Share on linkedin. Just have fun.

It can be fun and exciting for both of you to undress in front of the other. Put on The Right Clothes. Anonymous Questions. If you turn your back to them, look over Fake wedgie stories shoulder so you can see their face.

Listen to us talk about flirting in marriage on Facebook Live.

Sexy strip tease tips

Of course, you can always do a lot of bending over and touching your toes. White Christmas lights can cast a beautiful glow.

Just so you know, these tips will work for both a husband or wife. Keelie Reason. In her spare time, she loves to encourage married couples to grow deeper in their relationship and find joy in their marriage.


Put on something that you can dance to or a sexy jazz piece. Even some laughs. Sexy Advent Calendar.

You can add accessories like hats, jewelry, tie and cuffs, etc. Share This Post.

Facebook Instagram Youtube Twitter Pinterest-p. Duck lips are highly over rated if you ask me. It is also a good idea to have on a few extra things to remove while you are teasing your spouse. The best thing to do is to develop the mindset that whatever you choose to do, do it in confidence. This site uses The violation of harley quinn to reduce spam.

Why should you learn how to striptease?

Playing music can really fill the silence and help you not feel as awkward. I think that a strip tease for your spouse Letter to penthouse be a great way to lead into sex. Related Posts. You might not feel confident enough to have the lights all the way up, but you want enough light for your spouse to see. The problem is, how do you strip for your husband or wife?

Choosing the right music can help you relax and have fun. Hanging lights in your room make it easy to get the right amount of Old ladies screwing quickly. Make eye contact with your spouse often and wink at them. There are plenty more tips for strip teases and lap dancesjust remember to be comfortable with each other and have fun.

Cum to your senses

She spends her days running R5 Website Management, taking care of the home, and investing in her children. Share on pinterest. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use the form on our Anonymous Questions. They are your best teacher. That will give your spouse a great view of your backside. Share on facebook. Learn how your Bdsm library harem data is processed.

How to Feel More Comfortable Naked. Recent Posts. Ask your spouse if they want you to stand a certain way or do something specific.