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Tampon sex stories

The author assumes no responsibility or liability for its use or abuse. Cynthia Wright was on her period. Unlike a lot of other women, Cynthia actually relished this time of her monthly cycle and savoured the effects that it had on her body.

Tampon Sex Stories

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I think of my crush whenever I put on a tampon, imagining that we're having sex I've never had sexual relationships or never Nude women softball players anyone before. I'll shamelessly admit that I love the feeling the tampon gives me, even when I am just imagining it. I bite my lower lip to suppress any moan that might escape me, not to generate suspicion. I Saw my daughter naked don't waste tampons by removing and putting them back in, though. Sometimes I feel too lazy to change the tampon I'm using, but then I remember the amazing feelings I get and run to the bathroom and change.

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My hookup arrived, and I felt confident with the near exit of my period. True Life: Period Sex Stories. Obviously, he accepted my invitation.

After a night of drinking and chatting, Long leg cast crutching went back to my dorm and started to make out, one thing led to another and I hit a homerun. Except a few minutes in, I heard him spit and I asked what was wrong.

Whether you believe it or not, sex on your period is actually pretty common. My boyfriend Sit down you little faggot for it as long as I was, so we hopped in the shower, I pulled my tampon out and we started to go at it. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 0 Likes.

He began to make his way downtown with his mouth, but nervous that I was still bleeding a touch, I told him to come back up and stick it in already! Knowing that my period briefly stops in water, shower sex was the way to go.

As I freshened myself up, I checked the status of my period —— it was just a touch of left over blood. Our shower sex felt like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, that is until I looked down and the shower floor looked like a murder scene.

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He said that something gooey came out of me I was horrified. Safe to say the mood was killed, he left and we never spoke about it again. We started to make out and he took off my pants. I was ready to get it on.