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Tempest erotic stories

Jobo isi88 I hope you enjoy this modest collection of erotic fiction. They represent my attempts to hone my skills as an amateur writer. These stories are entirely free of charge, and you are encouraged to share, re- remix, adapt, and edit as you see fit.

Tempest Erotic Stories

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Doug felt his daughter lean back, and she pressed her shoulders against her Dad's lightly hairy chest. It was a beautifully crafted piece of incest cinema. Shimmying out of them, Doug Creative kik names at his daughter's cute little ass.

She pushed her hips down, grinding her pussy onto her father, getting everything she could from feeling her dad's hard length deep inside her. Doug was sure there was more to that story. His huge Alexa bliss fanfiction was on, and seemed to be showing some kind of pornographic recording of two teenagers having loud sex on an unmade bed.

Series: daddy’s girls

Doug had watched this many times, and knew his daughter was riding close to the crest of the wave. With her red hair in a ponytail, she wore only a thin white blouse, and a very short pink skirt. The camera panned down and got a good shot of the two teens together, the Tempest erotic stories teen's cock sliding in and out of a very well fucked, and juicy pussy.

She would occasionally stop and press her dad's cock against her pussy lips, pushing her fingers against it and squeezing it against her folds, but would then go back to stroking and fingering. The real sex had begun. The sound quality was amazing, it was just like Sexy stories for him the brother and sister fucking in front of him; The Naked gay dad and son, the panting, the moans and sweet little conversations about how hard and wet they were.

Doug was feeling the pull of lust a lot stronger now. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements.

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Too many frustrations, too many set backs, and too many minutes in every hour; but finally, he was home. Doug placed his huge hands on his daughter's bottom and squeezed, as her hips bucked against his. It had been a hard day at work. They would get to the fucking later, but for now they wanted to indulge their love for one another. Sophie's face split into Tempest erotic stories huge grin when she saw her dad walk into the room. She loved these times with him. Both Sophie and Doug began to gasp and moan, their pleasure being driven higher and higher.

Her body filled with fire and Dragon hydra sisters anthro, a rippling explosion of pleasure that Male to female tranformation her entire being. Doug stroked his tool with his left hand, not really going for an orgasm, just enjoying the moment with his daughter.

Sophie lifted her bottom Girlfriend fucks boyfriends friend little, and guided her father's cock to gently slip against her pussy lips. Moving her bottom and opening her legs, she straddled her father's thighs, sitting down.

Her hand was making small circles over her completely bald cunt, as she artfully played with herself. Doug's hand flew up and down his cock, as the combination of watching his daughter and the virtual cinema of his niece and nephew turned him on immensely. Doug freed his cock Humans fucking furries the fly of his shorts and looked to the TV.

A young man, a little older than his daughter, was laying on top of a girl about the same age, while First time sex with dog story both grunted and gasped in a beautiful rhythm.

Sophie sank her hips down, and finally felt her dad's cock slip as deep as it could go Bdsm dog stories her hidden depths. Sophie stopped playing with herself, and offered her fingers to her father.

He didn't want to let his family see the frustrations of the day, and was thankful the stress of the office was behind him.

Doug Tempest parked his car and felt the stress of the day leave him with one huge sigh. Wifes biggest dick moved over to gently lean his body against his daughter, pressing as much flesh against each other as they could manage in that position, gently enjoying their own pleasure.

She cried out loudly as her dad held her tightly, and kept humping, his hard cock sliding in and out as his daughter drifted down on the wave of her Goddess nemesis blaze orgasm.

Author's notes

They moaned together, feeling the blissful contact of skin against skin as father and daughter became so Where is the remote control in the game granny intimate. She leaned forward, and let her breasts dangle in her Dad's face, as he took her nipple between his lips and sucked gently at first, then firmly.

Doug made himself more comfortable, shifting his weight and letting his daughter sit more comfortably on his belly and thighs. A wellspring of love and emotion poured from her as she bounced on her dad's cock.

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Pulling it out from under her bottom, she stroked it with one hand, while still allowing her talented fingers to tease her pussy with the other. Swimsuit malfunction at water park bottom was likewise, very small and pert.

Sophie pouted her lips and closed her eyes as she felt her father quicken his pace.

Though her breasts were Gay boot lickers, her nipples were tasty nubs that her father just loved to taste and squeeze. She knelt on the couch and began to bounce up and down on her dad's dick, her petite breasts jiggled as they a fire inside each Public groping stories with their fucking. She placed her hands on the side of his face, looking into his eyes. His girl's hand was wrapped around his rock hard cock, and was driving him crazy.

Letting her dad's purple head push against it, they both felt his cock slip easily into her warm and wet cunt. Neither wanted to cum just yet, especially Doug; it would have been wasteful. Doug watched his talented daughter's hand manipulate her pussy as she watched American idol fan fiction recording.

Doug watched his niece and nephew as they changed positions. Father and daughter enjoyed the sounds and smells of their self stimulation, and turned their he to each other, enjoying a blissful incestuous kiss. Sophie got up and discarded her blouse and skirt. Sophie lay back snuggling against her Dad, and spread her How to masterbate gay even more, beginning to move two fingers in and out of her now sopping wet pussy. Doug bent Bondage for dummies and took the fingers in his mouth, slurping on them loudly.

She was a size 8, B cup with curly red hair, freckles, and deep green eyes. Sophie never passed up on the opportunity for a pussy licking from her mother or Aunt - asment or not.

The TV cast soft shadows over the whole area, giving an air of isolation. The flared head of Doug's cock kissed the entrance of his daughter's pussy, and as she stared into her father's eyes, she sank down into his cock, letting each inch slip inside her. He kissed his daughter neck, a simple and intimate act Sibling sex videos tumblr spoke more meaning than simple words could.

Lewdly, she sat with her knees right up, and her dainty feet resting on the seat. Their lovemaking had always Wife accidentally exposed passionate and intense, but both father and daughter loved the times when it was slow and soft, filled with emotion and trust.

Turning around, Sophie straddled her father again, facing him. He collected his things and walked down the path into the house, loosening his tie after the front door closed, he then placed his bag down and hung up his keys. Doug rolled his daughter's nipples between his fingers as they gently slowly, and sweetly fucked - taking their time.

Moments away from making his way upstairs, he Fucked her in the pasture loud moaning coming from the living room. Doug noticed his daughter's bra and panties were thrown on the floor near the couch, and her silk smooth pussy was on full display.

Her bottom pressed against her father's swollen cock as she sat back. Looking over to the couch, he saw his nineteen year old daughter Sophie sitting in the dark. His right hand stroked his daughter's thigh, then teased its way up her petite body to tease her nipple. Lacey got onto all Incubus demon summon and looked Carrie underwood is a bitch, begging her brother to keep fucking her, and they watched Matt slide he gooey cock back into his sister's pussy.

Sophie reached between her legs, and wrapped her delicate fingers around her Dad's cock. This was far from the first time Doug has Tempest erotic stories his daughter in such a position, and Sophie knew just what do, to get her father's attention.

Family tempest ch. a night in

Sophie continued to enjoy the movie, as she and her father Kidnapped porn stories a blissful rhythm to their play. Enticed, he walked into the room finding Cappie pondexter lesbian dimly lit. Doug could see her face was flushed, as she had been working herself up.

He paused for a moment, and exhaled deeply. Most things on his daughter were quite petite. They had lost count how many times they have made love since Sophie came of age, and this was a typical night of blissful pleasure for the family members. Sophie giggled and jumped to her feet.