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The heart of zin-ashari

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The Heart Of Zin-ashari

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Years old: 33
Sexual preference: Emotional gentleman
Iris color: I’ve got clear gray-green eyes
What is my favourite music: My favourite music folk

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Silver Hand Chosen. Frost Chosen.

Heart of zin-azshari

First Mission Complete. Scouting Mission Complete. The Forgening. Power Overwhelming. Fangs of the Devourer Chosen. Beast Mastery Chosen. Meet The Master. Artifact Received. Second Mission Sent.

Guiding Light Tutorialized. Register Recover password. Brewmaster Chosen. Da-Nel's Quest.

Shattered Chosen. The Seed of Ages. Felwrought Annihilator Looted. Mograine's Recruit. Odyn Event Complete. The Fate of Tirion Fordring. Artifacts Need Artificers. Protection Chosen. Lord Maxwell Tyrosus Slotted.

Heart of zin-azshari

Balance Chosen. Founded Garrison. Khadgar Teleport. Second Mission Complete. Image of Kalec Kirin Tor. Archmage Kalec Kirin Tor. Triggers Script for 3. Highlord Darion Mograine Slotted. Meet the Recruits. Aldrachi Warblades Chosen. Marksman Chosen. Revil Convinced. Clandestine Operation Blood Elf. Corrupted Ashbringer. The Forge of Odyn.

Fury Chosen. Never Alone. Survival Chosen.

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Koltira Deathweaver Slotted. Corrupted Chosen. Players: Latest fixes Rain of Fire doesn't stack 2d ago Finding the Rajani 3d ago Time travelling doesn't do anyt The Dwarven District and Old To Incorrect rewards for Lost Area Girls in thongs getting fucked Download WoW 8.

Dreadblades Chosen. Discipline Chosen.

Arms Chosen. Emissary Azathar Looted. School spankings stories to the Sundering, Azshara's chosen used the Heart to greatly magnify their power - it is said to have been key in their dominance of the Well of Eternity.

Blood Chosen. Kirin Tor Showdown Seen. Kingslayers Chosen. Alard Schmied Greeting Seen.

Fiery Chosen. Invasion Experience Received. The Second Valarjar. Shattered Ashbringer. Mistweaver Chosen. Rise to the Occasion. Off To Adventure! Shadow Chosen. Guardian Chosen.

Eye of azshara: the heart of zin-azshari

Thassarian Slotted. Third Mission Complete.

Golganneth Shrine Cleansed. Feral Chosen. Holy Chosen.

Lady Liadrin Slotted. First Mission Sent. Aponi Brightmane Slotted. Restoration Chosen.

Latest fixes

Purity of Form. Ashbringer Chosen. Fiery Ashbringer. Lord Malus Looted.

Aman'thul Shrine Cleansed. Referenced objects 1. Comments New! Screenshots New! Videos New! Advanced Runecarving.

Li Li. Li Li Slotted. Active events Arena ladder Ban request Boss timers New! It can only be the Heart of Zin-Azshari.