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The true masters bugged

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The True Masters Bugged

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Just wait till their quest is done, takes a couple of minutes, then you can talk to her and complete your quest. Drunk girl fucks everyone turn the quest at Venari, button is inactive. He's been randomly despawning regardless of quest completion The dragon's eye must be attuned.

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Can't open a ticket either, that's bugged as well. Sort by: best.

Bolvar wasn't there at that time, maybe thats why? I watched it bug six times in a row this past Saturday.

Server Zandalar Tribe EU. Common bug. Alliance Onyxia Quest stuck lady prestor. A community for World of Warcraft: Classic fans.

The quest seems to have bugged out though, since they just stare at each other. Might have been a fluke but maybe not.

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Created Apr 23, Top posts october 31st Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top. Where Windsor walks into the keep and confront Lady Prestor aka Onyxia. I had this bug while in a party too, then after reading this comment I converted it to a raid while he was already walking towards the keep and that time Women hypnotized stiff and rigid did work as normal. Posted by.

So, we're doing The Great Masquerade. What do we do? Not sure what to do :.

This also happened on zandalar tribe 1 or 2 days ago. Only option is to abandon, wait for it to reset and try again.

We don't seem like we can continue. Just abandon and go talk to the squire again?