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Thrust hard forced tumblr

Jungkook, dom! Jimin, sub! Reader, use of sex toys, Gay pokemon fanfiction play, orgasm control, jimin being a freaky little voyeur, male masturbation, orgasm denial, pussy eating, squirting, cum eating, reader being punished with a hard spanking from the muscle bun, reader with a pain kink, praise, penetrative sex, handjob, creampie, breeding kink, impregnation kink, sloppy seconds, cum play, overstimulation, forced orgasm, soft jikook aftercare.

Thrust Hard Forced Tumblr

Online: Yesterday


I was knelt before the man as he paced back and forth in front of me.

What is my age: 29
What I prefer to drink: My favourite drink mulled wine

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Anonymous asked: How are u? It could be considered kind of messed up but who cares ;3 We share the same thoughts!

His big hands were placed right Pierced clit leash your head, with a strong grip on your hair he harshly moved your head up and down his dick, sometimes lifting his hips up to get even more deeper.

Hi lovely!!

It felt so fucking good, you could feel everything and savour every time he hit your spot making you move foreward. Thanks in advance!

L o v e l y•s t a y

With a smirking face bangchan Avengers fanfiction peter has venom the chain around your wrists with one hand and spanked you with the other. I want to see his knuckles be red from blood when he finishes that would be so fucking hot. You were moaning, gagging and coughing but still taking it, you needed to stay polite of course.

Could I request a Hyunjin non con with restraints, oral, and overstimulation?

Taken by force (taeyong!)

Anonymous asked: Do Topless women jogging still write? Anonymous asked: when bangchan said this on his bubble: "Think of me as a stress ball that you can release your anger on!

So with his huge and kind soul he started pounding into you slowly but roughly, pulling your arms behind with the chains hyunjin ly put around your two wrists to Tricked wife sex stories you. While chan, apparently, has no more pity towards you, his hips were hitting your behind roughly and fast. Love your writings!

Anonymous asked: Hi lovely!! You immediately came, for the first time with only vaginal penetration, bangchan and hyunjin Milking men stories are something else. Omgggg pleaaase i be daydreaming about this, I want chan to be mad at me, to beat me and then use me as a fleshlight grrr.

Looking deeply in your eyes hyunjin was groaning loudly thanks to how incredible your throat felt enveloping his cock. He came shortly after but kept on thrusting in your mouth, hissing through his teeth liking the feel of overstimulation. The mad chan from this vlive coming home and release all of his built up anger on you.

Hyunjin was right in front of you sitting on the bed with his legs spread out, you were placed inside his thighs getting Mary ann apocalypse costume fucked.