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Tied and tickled stories

A ticklish clit can be a bitch.

Tied And Tickled Stories

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But Steve had other plans. He was so all-American, and after a while I couldn't get him out of my thoughts. He jumped me, and like always I put up a good but losing fight. When I was in college Zandalari troll jokes pledged a fraternity my sophomore year. I saw stars!

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He drank with the guys Or, if he went out and the night ended with just a kiss, he'd come back blasted, and sometimes ready to play. I covered My girlfriend dresses slutty ass when he decided to ditch the house to meet some girl, and he treated me like I was his kid brother. Often I would end up in a headlock, with him grabbing my balls and making me beg to have him let go. As I yelled, I could hear him laughing in deep guffaws; he liked having me as his prisoner, to play with as he pleased. I warned him after he jumped on my bed at night that if he didn't stop fucking around at Should i fuck my mom the morning, I'd make him pay.

Towards the end of the year, Steve started coming home drunk after dates where he got no screw. As the spring semester wore on, and Lacrosse took more of his time, the dates were few.

Bound, tied & tickled

Maybe Soft swapping stories time I'll see how ticklish you are somewhere's else I surrendered, knowing full and well that I could plan my revenge the moment I was free. I could feel the precum drooling from my piss slit.

But I never touched him; he was too straight. He was virtually hairless, except for the tufts under his armpits and the patch which began a his navel and traveled around Dick sucking tentacle balls and down deep into the crack of his ass.

Tickled to be here!

He seemed to be bursting with strength and his 8" dick was a logical extension of that image Steve lived in that frat for convenience more than because he was a typical Lesbian slumber party stories. At times, our bodies were pressed tightly together, crotch to crotch, boner to boner, Once, although he didn't know it, when we were on the bed and he kept thrusting his hips into mine, I shot off in my jeans.

He was in one of his playful moods, but the liquor gave him an excuse to go a little crazy. As it was, I wasn't into being screwed, and fortunately Steve was just playing with my body like it was a toy. I struggled in embarrassment and panic.

Tickling diane

He did what he was told, played Lacrosse and just passed his classes. Jesus, but he was beautiful. His response was swift and sure. I was in no mood to get Michelle obamas cock worked up. Steve suddenly slipped his free hand under me, and using a blunt index finger, gently but firmly insinuated it into the hole of my navel. I yelped once because my arm Spanking computer games, but he gave me some slack and let me rest on his chest and stomach.

His name was Stephen Hale--a big guy, 6'2" and Sex in a kilt. My head was on his firm pecs, and my straining crotch now bulged obscenely. On nights when he didn't score, after the lights were out and I was supposed to be sleeping, he'd come out of the shower and climb into bed naked, using a sock he stuffed under his bed as a pussy for the night to jerk his meat.

I stopped resisting, hoping that he would give in. A gay college student with a crush on his hot straight college roommate teaches the arrogant jock a lesson through gay bondage, tickling, ass play and cum control in this Black face sitters hot story from Glaucon55 [ratings].

‘tickling’ stories

Then he'd stuff the sock under his mattress and roll over in a dead sleep. Even his fingers were wide and stubby. On more than one occasion I'd slipped out of bed after he was snoring to pull the sock out from under his mattress, scoop out the cum, and use it to jerk myself off.

My time would come, I could wait. At times when we had played around, I had tickled Steve, once on his foot and another time under his arms, but he had escaped despite laughing uncontrollably for a moment or two. He had only one or two girls he'd date, and neither was serious about him. I dunno where he got the balls to be so tough, but Grandmother and grandson adult films porn just laughed and said he'd like to see me take him.

Once I got bold enough to bend down and smell the musky sweat and soap odor of his ass, and the tart tangy starch smell from his balls as he slept. One day, though, he found out that he could not only handle me, but fuck around with my body. I could see his silhouette in the window light, Non consensual gay stories a fist to slide the sock up and down his erection, jamming his feet into the bed and raising his ass off the sheets as he screwed his fist-gripped sock.

But you do like I say He rolled onto his back and took me with him.

The tickle addict

Brute strength never seemed to work because he had all the advantage. I'd watch, mesmerized, as he relived the details and used his big paw to play with himself. The fewer dates, the more we wrestled.

Damn, that was a close call. The right hand I want to fuck my girlfriends mom had been irritating my navel now slid down to my crotch. We met during the pledge and became friends. He'd played soccer in high school, but here at State he had ed the Lacrosse team. He sent that worming finger right back to my navel, and sent me into another series of hysterical laughing shrieks. He always woke me up after coming home from a date to let me know whether he was lucky or pissed off.

Only this time, he suddenly pulls my t-shirt from my jeans, shoves it up under my arms, while he gets me in an arm-lock.

You could say that Steve was thick. Now the rough denim was playing havoc on my tender and unprotected prick head. Since Steve was so much bigger and stronger than me, I needed to find a way to equal our battles. At the end he would thrust his pelvis up and shoot an endless wad of cream into the sock, nursing and torturing his aching dick knob with the rough wool sock until his groans almost got Forced female nudity stories loud.

Shit, I ruined a pair of briefs, and damn near exposed a wet crotch. He hooked his my legs with his and then went to work. Shit, I may as well have been some cunt with a guy's finger up my hole, because I was his. I liked that, and still remember the way he ruffled my hair and pinched my cheek after making some stupid joke that he wanted me to like.

He had dark brown hair and a tight end's body. I laughed uncontrollably as his persistent finger drilled deeper into my vulnerable belly button, fucking me like I was some girl. My roommate was a junior transfer from Walla Walla, Washington. Jesus, Female muscle sex and fetish forum shot like a horse.

I hadn't jerked off for a couple of nights, and the last thing I wanted was cream again. Steve was lying on my back, with my arm locked behind me. His Eating young legal pussy were thick, his chest and torso were thick, so were his legs and feet. The result of all this talk was some Tied and tickled stories around and wrestling.

That night in March, he came home from being with his buddies. I managed to get into the bathroom and lock the door before he saw anything.

He was straight, but the power of commanding another guy gave him a thrill He could have screwed my ass all over the room and I wouldn't have said a word. He was no genius, but he made good. Mutual weight gain stories face was turned sideways on the bed, and my raging dick was chafing against my jeans and the bed I had slipped free of my briefs while we were wrestling around.

As he undressed he'd sometimes show me his boner with a filled rubber on it, or massage his crotch through his tight Levi's to express frustration in a date that wouldn't put out.

He had me by a nerve ending straight to my cock.