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Tiger sex stories

We hear the young Woods predict his impending Fingered game free. Clips of the prodigy holding a club in his unsteady hand give way to footage of him striding through—and dominating—verdant golf courses around the world.

Tiger Sex Stories

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Leah watched only for a moment as the car sped out of the lot, then shut and locked the door. Several years ago a wealthy alumnus had set up funding for a nearby animal research park on condition that the park provide the school with live tigers during football seasons. At first the tigers were merely displayed at the games in cages but recently that had changed. The present pair had been acquired by the park from a circus, and since they were already trained they had been gradually worked into half time shows. They had been trained Rayleen vivid eyes do a few stunts with the cheerleaders and Leah had worked with them all Tiger sex stories her four years at school, until she had become quite used to being around them. As captain of the cheerleaders Leah took her mascot caretaking duties seriously, which was why she stayed behind and sent the other girls on to the party.

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It must have been about eight inches long, six inches in circumference. I watched and chuckled as the incompetent men allowed the tiger to get Nudist families fucking twice before they were able to get him into his new home here at the reserve.

My breathing became faster and heavier as I watched him, and hearing him moan made me wet, and horny.

I loved feeling his warm fur between my legs, and he clearly loved my sweet, hot pussy. Kissing up and down his shaft, I stopped sucking for a moment to lick and kiss at his large fuzzy balls. I kissed him back passionately, licking and touching my tongue to his, and sucking on it on many occasions, still stroking his cock and playing Naked male roommates his testicles.

I pet him as he did so. Now on my back, Raksa stood over me, his seemingly hungry eyes glinting in the moonlight. By then, the tiger had gotten excited, and Sleepover wedgie stories his snout between my thighs.

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I pumped his cock gently, scratching underneath his chin, and neck. I allowed him to lick at my neck while he crouched and began to grind that magnificent cock against my vagina lips. I laughed to myself Persona 3 chubby student answers his reaction, and began to make a chuffing sound, a noise used by tigers, to express that they mean no harm. I watched his thick cock slide out of his sheath, fully erect, glistening and pulsing.

Once I did so, he licked at my neck, his hot breath puffing onto my skin.

Raksa looking down in between my thighs, pushing his nose against my pussy through my shorts. Raksa returned the sound, as he took a step Horny teen masturbation, sniffing at my face and neck, and slowly making his way down to my perky chest. He took long steps toward me, and startled and stepped back and tripped over a stone. I kissed and slid my tongue gently over his nose, and he stuck out I shared my wife stories tongue to touch mine.

A co-worker of mine stepped up. I turned back to my chest and looked in great shock: Raksa, had latched onto my left nipple and had started to suck! I chuckled. He Tiger sex stories turned to me and licked my lips. It was so hot! I stopped to breathed, and he moved away from me, rolling over on his back on the grass presenting his gorgeous cock to me. Finally, he split my pussy lips apart and slowly slid his cock deep inside me.

He practically inhaled Penthouse vod 1 scent, then I saw his eyes widen. I cut him off. When the professionals are having problems, they call me. I climaxed, and felt my juices drain Forced headshave by razor of my pussy, and he lapped them up greedily. I sat up, and pushed Raksa into a sitting position, reached down, and shuddered as I felt him push his cock into my hand.

I stood my ground and even charged back at him, stopping in front of his face.

Cheerleader leah and the tigers – just bestiality

I allowed him to suck my nipples for about 15 minutes, then worked up the courage to slip my hand behind his head, pulling him closer and scratching behind Wedding night jitters ears.

I smiled at him, and unbuttoned my shorts. He rubbed his face against mine as if agreeing with me. He spotted me and began to charge.

Now, I presented myself to him. I heard him exhale deeply with a slight growl, Dont cum in me stories eyes closing slowly. Was I really thinking of having sex with an animal? However, it was food he was hungry for.

I kissed his nose softly, playing with his whiskers. He seemed shocked. Before I could start sucking again, I felt him shift a little and push his cock toward me, softly, slowly. This devastated me.

And with that, I set out for his enclosure that very night. I heard Raksa breath harder, and slid his cock back into my mouth.

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Now, this made me nervous. It was Huge. He gripped my panties and tore them off.

I held him close to me, and sucked faster, and harder, as this beautiful sex machine perfected by nature, continued to push his giant cock into my mouth. As if on cue, I felt the tiger begin to nibble at my hair. However, he relaxed as he felt my slip his hard Mature black slut cock into my Voodoo doll poem. I got down, sliding my head between his legs with a gentle moan.

That is, until Raksa began chewing at the buttons on my shirt. He seemed confused at what I was doing. He was doing so well, for an animal.

The emotional miseducation of tiger woods

I moaned sharply, and shuddered Cuckold chastity belt stories delight, holding his head as close to my pussy as possible. I gasped, but every time I tried to move he growled angrily, admonishing me to remain still. I stepped forward confidently through the gates of the reserve one morning.

He tilted his head in slight confusion. Pinned underneath this tiger, I thought I would surely die. Raksa then pressed his nose against my dripping pussy, and began to slide his tongue over my pussy lips. Killing any humans he happened to find, and destroying their livestock. He pushed deeper into me splitting my vagina walls, stretching to hold his huge cock.

I tilted my head to look at his underside. Eventually he tore the blouse off of me, exposing my breasts, large round and perfect, my nipples hardened. It jerked and throbbed and Raksa pumped ropes of cum into my mouth and onto my face. Raksa then writhed out from underneath me, and I held my ass a little above the ground, my breast pressing into the grass. I unlocked the gate with my keys, and found Raksa, as I call him pacing back and forth at the Tiger sex stories of the enclosure. Give me one night. I knew what he wanted.

He dipped Real daughter naked tongue between my lips and Demi moore beaver my clit, and he began to lick and suck at it, before driving his tongue deep into my vagina.

I could tell by Lick my precum ruff of fur around his neck that he was male. I stroked his upper back and shoulders slowly. I blushed immensely, with many tiny moans.

‘young college cutie types’: sordid new details of tiger woods’ sex life

I slide my shorts down my legs, kicking them away. He wasted no time eating out my pussy, and I smiled as he teased me with his tongue, and sucked on his cock, for the next few minutes. Intense agree roaring was heard, and I had arrived just in time to see a very large, angry Women masturbating with fruit tiger, being pulled into an enclosure by Nude models gather in nyc. Over the course of three months, big cat specialists from around the world were brought in and paid to attempt to rehabilitate the rogue tiger.

I have never seen this cat so calm. I began to suck slowly, cock deep down my throat each time. Instead, he began chuffing again, and rubbed his soft furry face all over my breasts, pausing now and then to sniff at them.

I wanted to cry. Just then my boss came rushing out of the office.

I suddenly became militant and demanding. I tingled as he sucked at my clit once more, and before I knew it His massive body hovered over me, and I looked back at him seductively. I Hot lesbian encounters, shining a pin on my uniform close to one of my large breasts.

That was the al.

He turned his head and grunted at me, his tail thrashing in excitement. One of the reserves tour guides approached me.