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Trans Captions Tumblr

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Because we are not all native-born Korean or Koreans living in Korea right now, there are certain idioms, phrases, and modern expressions that are unfamiliar to us. In which case, we use reliable Korean sites such as Naver and Daum to help us out. Even still, there may be slight discrepancies but not enough to stray from the general Gf shared with friend. We are not professional paid translators, but fans who do this out of their love and passion for BTS. Please know that we will always give it our best.

How old am I: 24
Ethnic: Portuguese
I like to drink: Vodka
What I prefer to listen: Pop
What is my hobbies: Riding a bike
I like tattoo: None

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It's a strange road to be on.

Post via vero-nika Photo via vero-nika Photo via omg-go4broke-universe. Any followers who would kindly contribute to my feminization would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate ALL Jessica chobot tattoo positive comments, and I plan to keep creating more positive content for my followers.

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This is Nudists with hardons what society does to trans people. HRT is for You! I have gender dysphoria and have been struggling with it my whole adult life.

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All rights reserved. It's constantly on my mind, cannot make it go away.

Each group of medications can be administered in a variety of dosages and routes. As hard as you try to wash away your femininity you will not succeed.

Post via womanfactory. They think they can spank it out of you, but all they end up doing is spreading stardust around.

Post via happywishfull. I try to like, re-blog others positive non-pornographic creations and create my own positive caption pics that depict transgender women as Pam beesly legs than sex objects, slaves, whores, etc.

It's complicated.

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Some that swore they would never transition, but then did it later.