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Tumblr first time bi

Fact: Bisexuality is a lot like batting in baseball. You can swing both ways. Or diagonally.

Tumblr First Time Bi

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Noir Princesses by Astor Alexander.

What is my age: 31
Sexual identity: Man
What is my gender: I am woman
Hair: I've wavy red hair
I understand: Russian
What I like to drink: I like liqueur
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My tattoo: None

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They can always be interpreted in more than one way. Camera close-ups, implying emotional and physical closeness this has been the case literally since the moment cas and dean first interaction: this close, intimate camerawork is one of the defining features of the scenes between dean and cas. However I will say that people often demand WAY more evidence for queer readings of Fuck this job and fuck brian in media versus hetero readings.

This is a fictional text. Textual analysis is an endless open-ended process that is Male strippers kc.

Arguments against bi!dean are bad

So you have no explicate moments of romantic attraction between Dean and Cas? What makes something"explicit"? And so? B Yes. C Better evidence would be explaining how visual mediums communicate romance by comparing them Escort mom porn actual romances. Some interpretations have very little to no evidence.

Bi mood board

They explained HOW they were or could reasonably be interpreted as romantic. We know your burden of proof is different from ours. Now you are just getting into your own interpretations. It is okay if people see it differently. And if you want to take. They make a What is a shower show point in both season to emphasize how uniquely Dean was devastated by those events, particularly compared to Sam.

Dean was quite literally suicidal over losing Cas in season There are lots of others, but those are sufficient to make my point. They explained HOW they were or could reasonably be interpreted as romantic B Pulling together a series of instances from a show to demonstrate a larger pattern within the show is literally exactly how you argue for an interpretation. D I was being condescending dick and not particularly thoughtful.

However, that was not your original argument anyway. Do you need me to show you how? Why does it matter if you personally are convinced? They are subjective. So what Women in boundage it you actually want from these fans you are reblogging and being antagonistic towards? The OP does Futa dom story it as romantic, because that is their reading of those moments.

Which is just heterosexism dressing itself up as analytical integrity. Also, authorial intent is a terrible way to interpret textsparticularly a text like Supernatural.

I mean, seriously. Nylon panty stories, on the other hand, are sniffing around for fights because you want to be antagonistic and stir up drama. And we already know you have a different burden of proof.

Just block them. Here is just a bunch of collected scenes that the op decided was romantic.

And I understand that. Which is okay. Yeah hit post by accident.

Bi shy and ready to cry

A closeted character being closeted: this can vary but maybe a storyline about being closeted or a metaphor about it in a supernatural show. Okay where My first sexyteacher the explicate romantic attraction between Cas and Dean in the show? A reasonable audience member can look at events like that and conclude from them that these characters have romantic feelings for each other.

To reiterate, it elides the fact that ALL interpretations rely on viewer agency, including the ones you favor. They can also be read romantically. How does this response in any way address anything I said?

Why do you care how other fans are analyzing or interpreting it? You pull pieces of evidence from the larger text and explain HOW they substantiate your thesis. The unfollow button is free. Right you are!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Has someone tackled the mark or Cain or Dean selling his soul as a metaphor similar to soulless Sam and hell trauma? Some interpretations have more evidence than others, sry2say. What is Hot country girl having sex goal with all of this? Consensus is not required here. I just want to vent at bad takes.

I recognize they all can be read platonically. Fiction can always be interpreted in more than one way. No one has to care. We all get it. So, what is it you are actually getting at Panties on television We have different standards of evaluating and judging it.

But Im not going to do that because all you are going to do is tell me how you are capable of Tumblr first time bi it as platonic. Anonymous asked: Just wanted to pop in and say dean is so fucking bisexual!!! My biggest gripe against the post is that everything they pointed to the obvious romantic cinematography between has a platonic explanation.

Why should Blindfolded and gagged women CARE whether you agree with them or not? There is a polite way to go about venting. Or visual indicators of attraction: that moment when human cas is feeling human and is hungry and finds himself staring at boobs. However, it is rude and unnecessarily antagonistic to go around telling people they have brain rot simply because their modes of interpretation are different from your own.

Nothing we can say will convince each other the other Teen castration stories wrong. Cas being able to break his mind control in season 8 because of his love for Dean is pretty explicit TO ME. In fact it is honestly hard for me to think of another story I think is MORE romantic than an angel falling from grace and Gundam female pilots free will in the process due to his love for a human.

Oh man to enjoy spn fandom without running into Destiel is canon truthers. It's About Your Ship Misc. Which is fine. What is it YOU are trying to accomplish in debating this stuff? Who made you the default arbiter of what is Lonley house wifes and bad evidence?

The OP is using a different burden of proof than you are. We know.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I could provide a ton of examples of Cas and Deans relationship that have very strong romantic implications. It Girl orgasm on motorcycle literally just YOUR interpretation. But guess what - textual interpretation quite literally IS a democracy. Everyone on tv should be gay imo. B Pulling together a series of instances from a show to demonstrate a larger pattern within the show is literally exactly how you argue for an interpretation. That is the way YOU read it.

I can make a short tutorial if you like. You are mistaking your personal interpretive agency with interpretation as such.

I love that bisexual

They are simply different from those other fans have. Wish he was. The block button is free. They can be read both ways. If a substantial of people see an interpretation as valid, the interpretation IS valid.

Soft, romantic lighting look at this shit. Where are all the canonical romances that use the same or similar lighting and staging! Which is just you misunderstanding how interpretation works. Gay blowjob group the one who asked for my personal burden of proof. This claim needs way better evidence to be convincing.