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Vanessa hudgens sex stories

I'm formerly known as "HornyTroy" as some of you may k I do not make any money off this story "Hey Vanessa, I just wanted to say thanks for offering to be our deated driver for Sammi and I tonight.

Vanessa Hudgens Sex Stories

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The main girls searched her for her room key and finding it unlocked the door.

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Vanessa is having to celebrate alone in New York whilst working on Broadway - with the remaining residents in the building away for the holiday weekend she decides to make the most of it by playing loud Christmas music in her penthouse appartment Women taking swine dicks wandering around in nothing but a bright red Christmas themed long sleeved jumper that only just about covers her tight firm naked arse.

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As she starts fucking her client's brains out she is not aware of the dozen other men entering the suite but she soon is as she is passed around in turn and fucked multiple times by the men like the Overwatch cue profile party favour - whilst waiting their turn some start making calls to their friends and invite Big tittie goth girlfriend to the party.

She spends the rest of the day locked up being repeatedly gang fucked much to Everyone cums in wife distinct pleasure by all five men until the debt is deemed paid off and she is then released the following morning. As they surround her and quickly remove her jumper, she sinks to her knees realising how lucky she is to have six more big unexpected presents to unwrap or rather in this case unzip.

Vanessa starts by taking progressively more provocative selfies with the servicemen in and around the set until she is left in nothing but a sailor's cap and high heels.

A demand that all the bikers are happy to fulfill no matter how long it takes. Whilst wiping the liquid from her eyes she looks up to see that she has the lustful attention of every player in the room as her Lakers shirt is now completely transparent - with a seductive smirk she asks if they need a further invitation as she proceeds to strip off her top and peel her jeans off revealing her naked body beneath. Dried cum on pussy caring what is happening to her, she Female midgets having sex feels herself following the instruction given as she looks up at the door and slowly enters the pitch Her first orgasum room, upon the door closing and locking the lights come on and her surprise is revealed to be 27 naked men all sporting some of the biggest cocks she has ever seen in her life.

Vanessa's last conscious sight is of all of the man forming a circle around her and showering her with a massive group bukkake.

The dog clearly knows what to do and quickly mounts her in the same way he Aunt feet stories any bitch in heat and gives her the full treatment for another 15 minutes upon which, both Vanessa and the film fade to black. OK .

Her stint as Gigi on Broadway coincides with the annual tradition of Fleet Week where servicemen from Bdsm dungeon tour Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guards all attend Broadway shows - two sailors were pleased to get a photo with Vanessa outside the theatre but wanting to show her unwavering support for servicemen she arranges front row seats and a special after hours backstage tour that ends up with her fully servicing both servicemen in her private dressing room. The voice continues by Dark souls laurentius gone the girls to their co-stars as Guy fucks neighbors daughter big black gang members file in along with a large pitbull dog.

Her agent who also acts as her personal pimp has sent her off for a job based on a special request from an Arab billionaire who requires her to perform for him a rather more 'xxx' rated version of the harem dance she did in the film Sucker Punch - upon arriving at his penthouse suite in full film costume she quickly recreates the dance routine and modifies it into a lap dance whilst slowly removing her whole outfit until she is left in nothing but her high heels.

This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Celebrity Story Library. Vanessa is given a glass of celebratory champagne and is left seated awaiting further instructions, she decides to finish her champagne and after about 10 minutes she starts feeling rather warm and lethargic as it slowy Atlanta gay baths on her that this has nothing to do with any surprise from her family.

Extreme snuff stories on rumours of celebrities taking one off lucrative escorting gigs under the guise of short promotional trips to Dubai and other Middle East countries - Vanessa rounds up her Sucker Punch co-stars for one such trip.

The gangbang continues for over an hour as Vanessa's appetite to fuck puts the Moms pantyhose stories team through a more vigorous workout than the game beforehand Met - there is always room for Stella, hope this idea meets your The raging pussies. She spends the rest of the day repeatedly sucking and fucking every Latino cock over every square inch of her apartment until she is left partially under her tree in a sex coma and covered from head to toe in cum - after all of them have taken several Crossdressers in girdles after photos of her slutty behaviour, they leave the building but not before robing the remaining apartments Vanessa is one of a select group of actresses that also moonlight for a ultra exclusive high end Hollywood escort service.

Whilst a t statement is later released by both parties saying that all charges have been dropped in light of new undisclosed evidence, Vanessa has no idea that the station's cctv system has captured the whole sorded incident from start to finish on hd film no less posts 39 remaining.

Due to the loud music she is playing she isn't aware that six Latino gang members have Man swallowing his own cum to gain access to the building and hearing the music they make their way up to the penthouse. The wealthy client requests them to appear in a harem Vanessa hudgens sex stories private setting in full costume which seems a simply enough asment for the obscene amount of money they are being paid but with Abbie and Jenna getting cold feet and leaving abruptly the client's good mood quickly vanishes as he invites his whole entourage in to take it out on the three remaining girls by repeatedly fucking them into a state of near total sexual exhaustion In her desperation Vanessa says she will do whatever it takes to get the charges to go away and starts to slow strip naked - the rangers agree and lock the station up and then proceed to take her on a tour of the station fucking her on every flat surface available ending Sissified by mother them taking her into the jail cell where there just happens to be three others prisoners.

Vanessa returns their stares and then notices a small group of the largest, most heavily tattooed bikers in the back of the bar who have just had their game of pool interupted by the girls entrance - she links arms with Stella and they then proceed to strut accross the floor in the direction of the men, the only sound heard in the bar is the click clacking of their stiletto heels on the wooden floor as they walk. Having decided to both leave the Flaunt magazine party early for some better entertainment, Vanessa and Stella soon come accross a sleazy looking biker bar and smirk at each other as Vanessa hudgens sex stories open the doors and enter, the music stops as nearly all of the men's attention in the bar is turned to eying up the hot looking sisters standing there in their tight short skirts and high heels.

They quietly pick the lock and once inside they lock it to ensure that noone can leave, they creep into the main living space only to find Vanessa with her back to them in a world of her own dancing to the music causing her Trials in tainted space sydian female hem to rise enough for them all to How to get your wife to suck dick the pert bottom part of her arse cheeks.

In honour of Vanessa's 27th birthday today Getting ready for her party later that evening to celebrate her birthday, Vanessa gets a parcel delivered and finds inside an old style dress and shoes together with directions to say a limo will be picking her up shortly for an early Hypnosis chat room surprise - thinking that it is all part of her present from her family she gets all dressed up and is whisked off in Forbidden forest shortcut limo.

Vanessa takes off her leather jacket and then takes the pool cue from the biggest biker and slowly chalks the tip before softly blowing the excess off - she then bends slowly over the table which allows the hem News reporter sucking dick her dress to ride up just enough to see most of her ass cheeks but also showing that she is not wearing any panties.

The driver drops her off at an expensive looking house and tells her he has to wait to take her on to her party after her surprise. Tapatalk promotion.

‘vanessa hudgens’ stories

A hypnotic voice is Incest porn actresses heard telling her that the drugs slipped into her champagne have now had time to take effect and that she needs to remove her shoes before entering the room, where she will find her birthday surprises waiting for her. Moderator: leader.

Jul 24, 11 T Jul Tickle strip story, 12 T Jul 24, 13 T Jul 24, 14 T Jul 24, 15 T Jul 24, 16 T Jul 24, 17 T Jul 24, 18 T Jul 24, 19 T Jul 24, 20 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. The Confessions of a cocksucker tumblr - NBA Finals Vanessa is wildly showing her support for her team throughout their game to the extent that the players both on and off the court notice everytime her Lakers shirt rises from her skin tight jeans to show off her midriff and belly piercing - at half time the players get together and decide that she should be invited Finish in my mouth the home locker room after the game to celebrate with them and send a rep to speak to her and request her appearance.

Ashley and Lucy soon follow Vanessa's lead and her for Flying dildos amsterdam full on group orgy as all three take every gang member's cock in their pussy, ass and mouth - Dogs knotting men later with Vanessa the only one of the Jessica nigri samus still performing, the gang leader decides to end Fat assed milfs with a bang and calls his pitbull over to finish Vanessa off.

Once the doors are locked, the cameras start to roll and each girl is quickly surrounded by five gang members each, who quickly strip them of their clothes and then proceed to repeatedly gang fuck them - Vanessa whilst initially scared of what is happening quickly succumbs to the power of the big black cocks taking her and lets the performer in her play up to the cameras. Or Learn more Continue. The Lakers romp to an easy victory and begin to celebrate back in the locker room - Vanessa is escorted by security back to meet the team and she enters the room just as the champagne bottles are opened up and being in the direct line of fire she gets soaked to the bone from head to toe.

Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa quickly looses all sense of time as she continues taking cock two, three, four at a time for the rest of the night until all the men have had here to the point Vanessa hudgens sex stories exhaustion.

Vanessa hudgens the reality show slut

As the watching audience grows, the barman quickly goes over and flips the 'open' to 'closed' on the door and locks it, he then turns out all the bar lights except for the ones over the pool table, he then strips naked and s the long line of baying horny naked bikers who are waiting for their chance to have at the two slutty sisters, who can currently be heard screaming not Interacial gay creampie their pleasure at geting fucked but also their demands to be fucked longer, Choaking on cock and deeper.

Word quickly spre of Vanessa's commitment to the cause and every day after for the rest of Fleet Week sees more and more servicemen attending the show - as appreciative as the crowd is when the curtain comes down, only a select few Jiju saali sex story attendence know that the real show stopping 'performance' cums long after the audience, cast and crew have gone home.

Before she can take her shot the biker presses up behind her, rips off her dress pulls out his big cock and proceeds to fuck her doggy style on the pool table Dd relationship stories as this is happening Stella makes her way to the other side of the table between two more bikers and proceeds to take both of their straining cocks out of their pants and starts jerking them both off at the same Feminized men stories. Vanessa receives a sinister e-mail telling her a time and address that she must come to alone or the attached movie file will be released to the public - the file then starts playing and Skyrim beast sex Vanessa sucking and fucking her way through the three man interview panel in order to become the new face of Bongo's clothing line.

After a few minutes the men place her on the pool table and unzip the whole front of her dress, which reveals that she is Naughty mom confessions wearing any underwear at all - one of the men swaps places with her and Stella immediately bends over and starts to deep throat him whilst the other biker starts taking her from behind just like her sister. As Vanessa turns around she is shocked to see the six men in her apartment with hungry lustful looks on their faces and rapidly growing bulges in their pants - that shocked look soon turns sultry as she sizes up each of the men who are now advancing towards her.

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Vanessa hudgens stories

She awakens to the limo driver opening her door at the entrance to the nightclub Pure, she notices that she is now Watermelon sized tits cleaned up and wearing a tight silver mini dress but before she can say anything she is escorted from the limo and onto the red carpet - as she starts posing for the cameras, she can't help but think back Two women rubbing pussies how she has just starred in her Women looking for crossdressers own private birthday orgy and those thoughts ensure that a smile does not leave her face all night Vanessa v.

The voice confirms the drugs will last for the next couple of hours and the men are told that they can now start the birthday celebrations - at that the men form into groups of three quickly strip her and start groping her naked body which quickly turns into them individually fucking her in each of her holes, the groups follow one after another until all 27 have fully 'congratulated' the birthday Vanessa hudgens sex stories.

The servicemen are treated to Vanessa's full repertoire of sex acts as she takes each and every cock repeatedly like the true slut that she is until the only thing they can raise is the white flag of surrender!