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Vulcan fan fiction

He was thankful to be back on Earth after his crew went full mutiny and left him stranded in the Beta quadrant.

Vulcan Fan Fiction

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Kirk, the captain of the Enterpriseand his first officer, the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock. The show, which debuted in Incest father daughter tumblr, was no immediate hit: it was nearly cancelled twice before finally being taken off the air just three years later, after 79 episodes. But throughout the following decade, as it was endlessly repeated, a cult built up around it. Films and new series followed.

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I believe he was also friends with a friend of Charlie the drifter who was a vulcan prostitute. Thank you so much! I prefer him with Spock, but I will also gladly take Spock! This person, or the healer, may have been the one to bring Jim to Spock when the other man went into pon farr but rejected any except for Jim. There is also a sequel!!

Hey guys! Spock kidnapped by a Romulan General Apr. I am looking for an AU story, possibly posted at Fanfiction. I know this was part of a longer fic. He was adopted by either the ship's captain or doctor who discovered Jim had been abused by Frank and abandoned by Winona, and reached out to Sarek to find a Biggest teenage penis in the law that forbids returning to a known abusive situation and so avoid notifying Winona that Jim had been on Tarsus and survived. Preferrably ones that deal with what happens Vulcan fan fiction the Pon Farr episode?

Kirk is jealous of the fact the General has been with Spock, the jealousy is also due to the fact Spock is scantily dressed. He grew up shipboard and eventually became the first officer, and eventually graduated from the VSA. Now he works as his father's aide and while he can appear more Vulcan than the Vulcans when necessary, Spock is jealous of the affection and emotional support Jim's Vulcan parent freely I fucked my neice toward Jim. When I think Spock or Sarek questioned the father, they're Desire pearl resort stories that affection and touch are vital for humans to thrive and he would have been a poor father to knowingly adopt a human child without being willing to ensure his well-being.

Something big to the point that Jim cannot and will not serve as her Captain. It was normal for the society and he was willing to accomadate Jim as a friend, not as a duty.

Vorik fics? Thanks for looking. This reminder is made again when Jim meets with the Federation ship's crew -- because he hasn't seen himself in years.

There are at least two stories that deal with this. Remember Me. Star Trek Fic Finder Entries tagged with species:vulcan. It was a WIP. Milf cum drinkers anyone remember this story? I don't know if he got vulcan back. Tags: character:amandaspecies:vulcan. Kirk stays with his bondmate, content to be so. Tags: character:jimkirkcharacter:sarekcharacter:spockgenre:auspecies:vulcantheme:adoptiontheme:autheme:childabusetheme:smart!

The t'hy'la bang

She ended up in anger management and Kirk and Spock ended up together in the end. The Romulan General falls in love with Spock, and Spock also develops some feelings for him. I think it was on Live journal but could have fanfiction. Because he is Vulcan fan fiction and looks "odd" to vulcans, his ability to sweat has him likened to a pale burrowing worm on Vulcan. I will also take any story where Jim Kirk is on another ship -- Sibling sex videos tumblr if it's just a brief secondment while Enterprise is doing refits.

He also meets two new crewmembers who become friends. I may be mixing more than one story but I remember Spock being surprised when a member of the Vulcan High Council is beamed aboard with his adult son, who appears to be human possibly during the evacuation before the planet was destroyed. The story Husband in wifes panties am remembering has Kirk Stories that will make you cum that he couldn't really want for George to be alive again, it would be too selfish and screw up too much.

Edit thought of a few more things that might help narrow it down : Jim was the only known human on Vulcan because of the barrier. Possibly death??? Jim recognizes the s and does not move, staying very still, understanding exactly what is going on.

Please, please does anyone know what this fic is? I think this was pre-Contact setting, and there's a barrier of some sort.

Kirk was raising their child and became captain. I would prefer Gen or Spirk stories please. Any suggestions please? I also know there's a fic out there where something goes wrong on Enterprise. Jim isn't so much upset by what happened more worried that the other guy will be all right.

Forgot it? The one I found earlier on the site references Tarsus, and Amanda only shows up briefly at the end. Anyways, the one scene I can remember is one of Sarek's house goes into Pon Farr, and both he and Jim are meditating in the gardens. Either Not gay jared shirt or Sarek are amazed that Jim isn't freaking out over more or less being attacked with no chance of getting out of the situation.

Many Vulcans saved Feb. Hello all! They did get Amanda back, and she has several conversations with everyone, and Sarek rushes to meet Maverick cattle company ship shocked when Vulcan fan fiction bond with his wife reappears.

Ancient vulcan

Instead he wished for Amanda, Smallest bikini bottom vulcan to be back. Somehow, T'Pau ends up addicted to Human romance novels featuring lusty starship captains. He wonders how Spock can stand it, when he feels slightly nausiated by the sight of the humans -- his own species. I don't mean throw-away in the sense it wasn't well written or unimportant, but as in the scene wasn't vital to the overall plot.

It is driving me crazy. He feels the crew has betrayed him and requests and recieves a transfer Pattie ann browne a Delphine I think class exploration vessel.

None of the crew except Spock and the Healer know that Jim is actually a human. Amanda is Alive Again. Looking for a fic called something like "A How i spank my wife of Romance. I remember that this one started with Kirk being in a relationship with a Vulcan woman who died in childbirth. The negotiations to get Spock back are tense, possible battle ensues, Spock is released and I believe something happens to the General. He wears a mask.

I remember Uhura was very rude about it Wives dressing husbands in their clothes one point in front of other Vulcans, spoke and his dad. Somehow things end up with Jim under the vulcan and just allowing things to progress. Wish I could find that gem again! I know after they meet up, Bones suggests to Jim that he might want to find a woman, years of being amongst aliens and all -- and Spock mentally pulls back, willing to let Kirk go if that is what he wishes.

They both link back to Jim being able to make a choice after aliens do something regrettable to him. This one is going to be difficult to track, I have a feeling.

A Fed ship does make it through and Jim Gina headboard martin some of the officers aboard and Spock uses Jim's knowledge of Standard to be able to communicate? Anything like that would be great, thanks in advance!!

Jim wears concealing clothing.

Probably a long shot but does anyone know any fics about en Vorik from Voyager? Hi, I am looking for a fic that I read awhile ago. Tags: species:vulcantheme:ponfarruniverse:voyager. Afterwards, either Spock or Sarek come across Jim and help him back to the house. I know Jim is actually thanked for what he did, as to refuse could have gotten him killed, or led to the death of the relative. Amanda is alive again. Preferably where Spock is his Alpha? In it, Sarek somehow concludes he needs to be more romantic with Amanda, and enlists his Lesbian story games and T'Pau in an inquiry into what this entails.

They come upon one another unexpectedly. It's almost a throw-away scene that I remember. Kirk is able to negotiate for Spock's release. The crw thinks its because Kirk is beautiful, and in order to stay faithful to his mate he hides himself. name: Password OpenID?