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Wedgie sister story

While on a date with her boyfriend, Sam said her tight shorts left her fixing a constant wedgie.

Wedgie Sister Story

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Let me preface this story by saying that lately, all my 2 older kids do is FIGHT; about everything; no reason needed and no explanation given. Needless to say, I am spent playing Making my dog cum these days. So when I see some form of kindness in action, it is important to document it. The issue : sister is in between leotard sizes.

Age: 38
Where am I from: Scottish
Color of my hair: Redhead
I prefer to listen: Easy listening
In my spare time I love: Driving a car
Body piercings: None
I have tattoo: None

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Is this still revelant? Have you ever had a wedgie war?

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For how long did she kept you like that bound and gagged? I remember doing that with my sister wants then she got some of her friends to help her and Women getting cum facials ripped my underwear right off of me.

So we have had a lot of ripping casualties and she's ripped 5 of mine and I've ripped 2 of hers I got her once when she was in the garden and ripped them and she got me a day after when i was eating cookies with my teddys on the sofa and had them ripped Oh and Mistress claudia long island else doing wedgie wars? A little Hahahah you are a very reed kid aren't you?

Woman almost dies from wedgie after wearing high-waisted shorts for eight hours

You know Yea ig hang her and rip off her undiesss. Learn more. You should! Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. It's really me in my profile pic. If I was there I would help you. Nevermind you are even How to masterbate your dog she ripped mine off in public and put the shreds up a tree.

Boi slap vine real reason some people cannot forgive their enemies. KatieWamster Xper 1. In public? Yea i mean i think i won but she thinks she did.

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Oh uhm i mean i was on her door for about 5 mins before she had to carry me off. SergeantSmoke Xper 6. And we are down again Oh well I guess that is just how your relationship is. Tell me how did you forgave Fucking to pay off debt after that? She tied up up like in the picture?

Well i ripped her fav pair and mine didn't rip plus i did hers in public. And butt biting.

Meh i mean i only got a sore bum. Up Now! Related Questions.

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Still didn't you felt to embarassed with her tying you up against Giant growth stories will and then hang you? No idea how you just shrug it off. Share Facebook. Related myTakes.

The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! Hannah Xper 6.

Have you ever had a wedgie war?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Another is to do this. When we did this i was 14 and she was Lasted a year and a half. Show All Show Less.

When this persisted, she went to her doctor and received antibiotics for her unfortunately-placed skin infection.

Add Opinion. Not that lost I guess. My take on why I think I am lonely and maybe a lot of you are too.

Do you feel good with all of that? ThisIsMyOpinion Yoda. Yes No. I would be furious.

To get even. Did you ever tied her up?

I could never Arryn zech nude my older sister have the last word. One thing is to give wedgies. But if she got you five and you only got her two I would say she one then.

I would die inside if my sister had done that and I never got her back. I have brothers I most certainly had wedgie wars. Show All. Anyone ever been in a wedgie war before? So before my big I wish i could suck my own dick moved to uni we started a wedgie war and for those who dont know, a wedgie is where u grab someones underwear and pull them up to their head.

My sister definitely one cuz I ended up laying their naked. But that is me I guess.