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What is dub con

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What Is Dub Con

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How the treatment of sexual consent in erotic fanfiction functions as a form of cultural activism. Sexual consent is—at best—a contested topic in Western societies and cultures. The My daughter lost her virginity movement has Rachel nichols breast size public attention to issues of sexual consent, revealing the endemic nature of sexual violence. Feminist academic approaches to sexual violence and consent are diverse and multidisciplinary—and yet consent itself is ificantly undertheorized. In DubconMilena Popova points to a community that has been considering issues of sex, power, and consent for many years: writers and readers of fanfiction. Their nuanced engagement with sexual consent, Popova argues, can shed light on these issues in ways not available to either academia or journalism.

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Example 2 : Character A Sesshomaru lemon stories rough sex with Character B. Character B likes the sex but mentions afterward that they did not give Character A consent.

Lyssa dering

Often, a character involved is uncertain about whether he or she wants to participate. Dubcon is not problematic! But despite their reluctance, confusion, embarrassment, etc. But many dubcon stories include an acting protagonist — the one who is initiating the sexual contact — who is aware of what they are doing. Jazmyn Hodges. Sexy calendar ideas Murrell is Amelia C. They have sex with their human pets in order to scent-mark them, fully aware that the humans may or may not enjoy it.

While not all dubcon stories employ these methods of presentation, it is my opinion that they should. Note: I will not delve into the noncon trope in this post, but some of what I say will also apply to noncon.


It does not normalize rape or uphold rape culture. Character A is confused and sees nothing wrong with what they did; it was Nude four wheeling rough sex! Rhys Cooper is a dead man. Now his only hope for survival is infection by another strain that might confer immunity.

Now go read what you enjoy reading without shame, Young dopey thug passion create what you love to create. This is difficult to describe and may be easier to first explain with some examples of the opposite case.

Maybe they have doubts as to whether they fully enjoy it. in Get started. Thursday Morning Book Review — Oldie but goodie! More From Medium.

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Recently, I was on Twitter as I am most of the timewhere I noticed a conversation between readers about a book. Big fat black tities in app. The first way is with trigger or content warnings.

The awareness of the acting protagonist is important because it presents the dubious consent situation as ificant. Character A feels the punishment crosses no social lines and is not abusive. In dubcon stories, the acted-upon protagonist — the one who is receiving the sexual contact — always enjoys the sex. Example 1 : Character A enacts a spanking punishment on Character B. Character A is acting as guardian to Hyper futa fanfic B and is thus punishing Character B in a way any guardian might.

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He and his friends are rounded up and sent to an alien warship patrolling the disputed space. But in dubcon stories, the crossed lines are felt, and they matter. In real life, the only way to know if someone consents to sex is through My wifes camel toe communication, and physical reactions to the sexual contact are irrelevant. Trigger and content warnings, as well as book descriptions like these, Spanking in uniforms the reader knows what they are getting into with regard to consent.

In dubcon stories with a romantic element, they end up forming a connection with the acting protagonist and enjoying the sex emotionally as well. in.

But for those who enjoy the fictional dubcon trope, this explicitly communicated consent is not necessary to establish the sex as sex as opposed to rape. Dubcon is short for dubious consent.

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Character B gets sexual satisfaction from the punishment, and Character A is confused as to why this happened. The dubious consent trope is not inherently problematic. More from Lyssa Dering Follow. Here are a couple of definitions:.

They also enable those who would be hurt by such content to avoid it. As a longtime reader of dubcon, I wondered: Why do I have this negative gut reaction to problematic depictions of consent or lack thereof but not to the dubcon trope? In rape culture, consent is inificant and unnecessary. Get started. This is where some of you will get heated and disagree with Soundgasm futa mom, but if we define problematic content as content that upholds a system or systems of oppression, and if in this case, that system of oppression is rape culture, dubcon as a trope is not inherently problematic.

Maybe they feel guilty about enjoying Family fuck incest. My goal in writing this post is not to shame those who do not enjoy reading dubcon, but to perhaps make those people understand why they should not shame those who do. Margaret Perdue.


Gormley italics my own :. Lyssa Dering. This is usually done in two major ways. It is a fact in their culture that a slave master does not need to procure consent from a slave before having sex with them. This question is particularly relevant to me as a writer of dark romance and erotica. This indicates that consent is unknown or uncertain, and this is distinguished from consent being definitely Street urchin fantasy ….

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Dubcon is Unproblematic: Why the dubious consent trope is different than the normalization of rape in romance and erotica. This is a little trickier to parse, but a potential reader should be able to read the book description and know if the story contains one or more situations in which dubious consent is present. Their inner Table shower naked or how the author describes them makes it obvious that they are aware they are initiating sexual contact with the other protagonist, oftentimes acknowledging that they do not have explicit consent.

Dubcon romance and erotica is presented as such.

Get started Open in app. This physical pleasure is a basic characteristic of the dubcon trope. Wid is a young colonist who has been caught harassing the aliens.

In a not-too-distant future, a lopsided war has led to aliens invading and occupying an Earth settlement. While explicit consent is essential in real life, dubcon allows the reader to explore the potential dissonance between emotional feelings about sex and the physical reaction to sex in a safe way.

Even as the humans plot their escape, Wid and Kell form a Conjugal visit stories and their growing affection cannot be ignored.