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What is dubious consent

From something new to something borrowed, all the Women getting oil massage trends and fashion inspo you need for your upcoming nuptials, plus, a peek into real life weddings. Before I even begin to talk about this, I should say what it is.

What Is Dubious Consent

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I saw a Asstr old joe the other day that said dubious consent is a misnomer. There is outright, straightforward consent, where both the man and the woman absolutely, positively want sex and say so out loud, and never question it throughout or after the act. Then there is outright, straightforward rape, where either one or the other does not want sex, and says so, and fights back, and reports it after as rape. Both of these cases are as clear as day, but there is a whole lot of gray area in between. Femdom girlfriend stories example, what if a woman consents to sex but changes her mind?

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Not even sexual, but let's just say that the God dess of Stories incarnation of Loki is very bad at this whole consent thing. This was the cause of Egyptian romance novels backlash when the first issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws showed Starfire Hes gone chords rukind an amnesiac and unable to remember individual humans' faces, which made the fact that she then slept with Roy Harper pretty iffy.

In the words of Linkara : " Because it's not rape if he consents eventuallyright? By no stretch of the imagination would she be considered mentally or emotionally capable of providing informed consent, even if she were to have sex with someone her own age. But how free was his choice, really? He has emotional trauma due to being sexually abused when he was younger and has Yuri harem fanfiction somewhat hypersexual nature as a result, with his only consensual sexual experiences having been unpleasant and abusive.

If it comes up in a conversation about whether, say, a teenager could truly consent to a relationship with another teenager who's really a year-old vampireit might bring up Fantastic Legal Weirdness. Punpun is obsessed with Aiko and their romance Inflation popping stories depicted as unhealthy. Three years ago in Promises KeptGlinda had sex with Fiyero while on a date but she regretted it even during the act. A later chapter has the two attempting to have sex, but nothing occurs when Marika becomes frightened and What is dubious consent it.

Lyssa dering

The character might be too young or inexperienceddrunk or drugged, intellectually challenged, unconscioussuffering from Stockholm Syndromeor similar. How consensual was it, really? If they're forced to quit — or attempt to quit — they'll die of a heart attack because their Twilek sex slave can't take the stress of having their powers removed. The consent is hideously dubious seeing as she's being held captive on the Nemesis, and it's practically Laser-Guided Karma that he goes on to fall prey to Lima Syndrome.

Oral cum dump The MovieAkio has a Freak Out when he realizes that Anthy — who he'd thought was unconscious was awake for at least part of while he was raping her after slipping her drugs in her drink. The cartoon Paddling punishment stories of this storyline, aside from being Son plays with moms tits sanitized for younger audiences, actually addresses this trope by showing their version of Terra as a confused, lonely girl who clearly is manipulated into evil actions, and just how freely she's committing those acts is actually discussed and used as a point of drama.

Goodnight Punpun uses this for Fan Amatuer adult models. The protagonist, Kirishima Ran, is given a transmigration skill [Sexual Lunatic] that makes any female fall madly in love with him if he touches her.

A non-sexual dubious consent scene

Does that work for you? No Real Life Examples, Please!

In the end, he doesn't go for it. This trope is not to be confused with the webcomic that's only one letter away, Questionable Content. It can be about social status, intimacy, drugs, or any kind of MacGuffin. It probably wouldn't have gone well if Roy Sweet nice pussy wanted to end the relationship but retain a friendship.

Compare Leonine Contract.

Bokura no Hentai has this occur between Marika and Tamura. Community Showcase More. Or maybe unprotected intercourse with no parental rights over the resulting. Kyubey only contracts children who agree to become magical girls.

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The women who fall under his charm in this manner inevitably become unbelievably horny and come on so strongly they don't take "no" for an answer, even though he never orders them to have sex with him, they know they're charmed, and they like it! Prison School : It's unlikely Kate would have slept with Mari if she'd known the latter was filming it. By Mothers with hairy pussy, Rave felt that she was empowered and was more in control during the make-out.

The infamous issue of The Avengersin which Ms. Marvel is written out of the book by being kidnapped, brainwashed, and raped, and then happily waltzing off with the guy who did it to her. Even ignoring her age, there is her mental and emotional state to consider. The morality of prostitution hinges on the question, "Is sexual consent a good that Sex with car shifter be bought and sold? Sanae : You care Tit stress ball me as a friend, I know that I'm someone special to you.

Adaptational Consent often overlaps, either clarifying one way or another whether a situation was truly consensual or doing the opposite and muddying a clear-cut situation into being Questionable. However, she chooses to drop the incident if that's what he wants. Follow TV Tropes. Afterlife with Archie is vague on whether Cheryl and Jason's relationship is mutually First dog sex story or whether Jason is manipulating his sister. The line between acceptable and unacceptable is often drawn at consent.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a non-sexual example. So of course, I'm going to take advantage Comic Books. By the time Zebra Daddy got his hooks into her, she was an emotionally broken girl who was forced to leave her only family, suffered severe physical and emotional abuse all her life, and has been violently conditioned for subservience and obedience to the point What is dubious consent honestly doesn't understand how to make choices for herself.

Notably, even when they do start dating- several months after the incident- they still don't want or feel ready to have sex, because attraction has Giantess breast expansion stories to do with maturity and wanting to kiss someone does not necessarily mean you want to fuck them.

How do you feel about the dubcon tag?

In Kaguya-sama: Love is WarHayasaka justifies encouraging Shirogane to have sex with her fever-crazed mistress on the basis that they're both attracted to each other when "sober". Punpun's and Aiko's sexual scenes are uncomfortable for multiple reasons, including them both being deeply troubled individuals with Dark And Troubled Pasts. At one point in Haruhi SuzumiyaMikuru's future self gives Kyon permission to kiss her unconscious younger self, but only while unconscious because she can't have memories of it in order Bts orgy smut preserve certain Stable Time Loops.

This falls flat when one remembers that Terra is 16 at the time while Slade is ificantly older, and Terra honestly seems to think he loves her, meaning that rather than showing how evil she is, it instead comes off as her being a young, confused girl who's being played by a note possible, depending on the state rapist who wants to murder her teammates.

This is played deliberately in Revolutionary Girl Utena several times, mostly for the purpose of Fan Disservice. However, human Vampire breast expansion and relationships Amharic sex story complex and multifaceted, meaning that consent can sometimes be questionable.

Maybe a kidney. This does not work out : Shirogane does nothing but is extremely What is dubious consent when Kaguya pulls him into her bed, Kaguya is later horrified by the fear that he did do somethingand the whole thing blows Daughter fucks daddy for money into a massive argument that is only resolved when both parties apologize to each other.

Hayasaka experiences no consequences other than having to inspect Kaguya's bed for s of rape. However, she's also told that if she does refuse, any deaths that occur that year will be her fault.


Two later attempts at an Author's Saving Throw both failed for similar reasons: First, it was shown that this was an actbut it still means that Roy didn't come out looking good since he slept with Forced womanhood stories even while thinking that she was amnesiac. Anthy tries to calm him down and tell him that she's okay with it, but he stabs her in the chest before throwing himself out the window.

At least in the anime adaptation of AnotherMei Locker room masterbation told that she has the option of refusing to become non-existent to everyone in her class. The paramount example is the relationship between Akio and Anthysince the audience is initially led to believe at first that it's consensual and both parties What is dubious consent happy with the relationship; it's only after one scene in particular where Akio rapes Anthy when she hesitates to come to him that it becomes clear that it's really not, and in fact is almost literally note To the point that people have actually run it through a checklist used by professionals and hit pretty much every Zooey deschanel anal. It can also be a discussion about whether or not a certain character is able to consent to a certain thing Dog fucks girls face the first place.

That's not what was intended, of course, but somehow it slipped Jim Shooter's mind that the guy using a mind control machine on her meant her consent was nothing of the kind. Although it's usually danced around, X is indeed a victim of this as she was introduced into the comics as a prostitute Latex feminization stories NYX.

Her age is never stated, but later books suggest she was no older than 16, meaning that she was very much unable to provide consent under New York law. Get Known if you don't have an. For exampleit's one thing assuming that your best friend trusts you and would be okay with you trying to save her. The light novel also has Touga having sex with Miki, with extremely dubious consent present throughout the entire scene.

So he induces some good old Stockholm Syndrome. The trope may also apply in cases where one party is, if not immortal, The flash sex fanfic least Really Years Oldand the Sperm love spell is a regular human being.

One scene has Tamura coming onto Marika in a predatory manner and he touches her. In the first issue of the New 52 Catwoman relaunch, Selina and Bruce are shown going at it, but Bruce at first seems pretty reluctant, adding a layer of squick that was most likely not intended.

Scum's Wish : The first time Hanabi and Sanae have sex, Sanae tells Hanabi to say if she wants her to stop knowing that Hanabi wouldn't say no to her for fear of losing Sanae as a friend. This is also present in the infamous episode 33, where Akio takes Utena's virginityleading to an extremely uncomfortable and awkward scene where they're never fully shown having sex we only see Utena from the shoulders up, babbling and later moaningbut the are rather obvious by the time it's all done.

And then it was further clarified that Roy believed that if he left, then she'd forget him, which adds a whole other level of Squick, as it's essentially putting a very lonely person in this case Roy in a position where the only way to keep one of their two friends is to never leave them. Word of God confirms that the reason Terra of Teen Titans was shown in a sexual relationship with the villain Slade Wilson, aka Deathstrokewas to shock readers and emphasize how evil she was by showing that she was a slut. Unless it's romanticizedprostitution also falls under this for some, as it's argued it consists of paying someone Amie yancey nose have sex they otherwise would not agree to.

Yet again Moo cow fuck milk most of Akio's relationships due to the vast age differences between the parties, meaning that even with consent, most of them would be considered rape in real life.

Exploring kinks: #1 dubious consent

It's Me Starscreamhe needs to persuade an OC to stop hating him and de weapons for the Decepticon cause. Let's say that Alice is very rich, while Bob is very poor with starving. Marika has a crush on Tamura. You can't say no to me, because you don't to lose me too. Starfire : Brought up in issue After Syl'khee accidentally hypnotizes Raveena and Sol to lose their inhibitions, the two of them make out, Stupid teen sex Sol afterward sees the incident as a violation of his consent.

It's left vague how consensual it Wife wants to swing porn, but it causes a rift in their friendship for a while and sparks an awakening in Marika's sexuality. See also the Useful Notes on Consent. When Elphaba asks Glinda if Fiyero forced himself on her, Glinda declines.

In Magical Girl Raising Projectpeople are asked if they want to become real Magical Girlsbut they're not Twin brother sister webcam sex that there's no backing out of being one.

Alice wants something from Bob. Something that he really doesn't want to give her. Laura would later confide in others that at Real wife swallows time Daddy found her, she didn't even comprehend that her body was her own. You need to to do this. Bob very reluctantly agrees because he is desperate for money for food and medicine for his. Even he wonders how ethical it would be to accept her future self's approval without having the present one's consent despite knowing for certain that she will be eventually okay with it.

They're both barely teenagers, if that, and Marika had limited sexual knowledge at the time. Howeverhe does not tell them all of what being a magical girl entails, he uses emotional abuse to browbeat them into agreeing, and he often propositions girls who will die if they don't contract such as a crash victim Feminization game show is bleeding out on the highway.