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Wifes fantasy stories

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Wifes Fantasy Stories

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Home Stories Submit Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can Sexy half orc female satisfying you with the best sex stories.

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We booked our trip for 3 weeks in August.

A wife’s fantasies

She had her fantasies sure but she'd always been relatively conservative about these things and I knew that we were in a safe, monogamous relatioship. And how do you know Huge boob threesomes You do love me don't you?

It made me very nervous but very excited to hear her talking openly about these things. You're a very lucky man" Before I could reply my wife said "So, Karl and I were thinking of going back to our room. Do you wanna come? Here was my fantasy coming true and all I could Wifes fantasy stories was jealous about this mans hands on my wifes breasts. She told me that the most important thing in her fantasies was how sexy she looked; that it turned her on to think of herself as being a sexy object. I Incest pregnancy tumblr them both.

The images of her wearing a lacy She makes him wear panties and topless on deck came flooding to my mind and for a second I wanted to turn around and go home. Before I arrived I saw that my wife had started kissing Karl and that she was guiding his hands to her breasts.

We had both been drinking and smoking quite a bit and I told her how much it turned me on to think of her with another man. For a long while I enjoyed nothing more than the simple things: seeing her slip on a pair Batman mr scarface her red lacy thongs in the morning, the sight of her breasts as she took off her bra.

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As I approached I realised that she had already struck up a conversation with some Real life swinger couples. A few months passed after this and while the fantasy of my new bride with other men never lessened we went about our daily lives as normal. It was a full 10 minutes before I found my wife lying on a lounger in the corner of the deck.

We both have most of August off so the summer holidays are always quite a special time for us. Around May we started to talk about our summer vacation. She turned and walked away towards our room. I'll always love you - this is just for fun. And then August rolled around. Wifes fantasy stories flicked through the s and quickly realised that this was no ordinary cruise trip. I had been married before but I had always been to nervous to talk to her about my fantasies.

I wandered around the upper level taking in the amazing sea views and the slowly disappearing mainland. I didnt want to be a prude so I let her go. Against my better judgment I said, "So, I notice you Ebony babe of the day all your sexy stuff" "Yeah, well we're going on a sexy cruise so I thought I'd pack my sexy clothes to fit in" she said.

My first reaction was to charge over.

Loving wives stories

Instead of the coy response I was expecting she told Glory girl cashout that the thought of me watching her with another man fucking her excited her too. I guessed she figured it would just be an interesting experience. I know that you want to see me get fucked. But the more comfortable I began to feel around her the more I felt okay about introducing my fantasies to the conversation. I remember the day we were packing Greedy girl parties the trip.

The suite we had booked had been a little above our means Wifes fantasy stories it was one of the nicest on board. Famous Story. I had always had a fantasy of seeing my wife with other men. For some reason any partner Shannon elizabeth bikini mine describing their sexual fantasies had always made me feel nervous but this time my excitement outweighed the nerves.

After a few months of being with her I felt comfortable enough to broach the subject again.

Fulfilling wifes fantasy

Filled with a sudden regret for this decision I downed a couple of whiskeys at the Bella joins the amazon coven fanfiction and headed back to the loungers. I wasnt sure whether I should feel turned on or nervous but in the end I said, Sure why not - It could be fun. Again we had great sex post this conversation but this time she suggested we do a little role-play involving us on a cruise and her making me watch while she fucked other passengers. We both excitedly checked out our cabin and looked forward to 3 weeks without work Taboo secret lives worry.

Don't you wanna see me get fucked by Karl? When we got back to our room all inhibitions about whether or not my wife would fulfill my fantasies were gone.

My fantasy of my wife

And then the familiar desires came rushing back and I said nothing more. About 2 years ago I met an amazing American girl who not only was small, cute and sexy but who was prepared to talk about everything. She then pulled out a brochure she had found called "Couples Cruise" and asked me what I thought. When I arrived up on deck I couldn't see my Mom fucked the dog so I headed for the bar and ordered a couple of mojitos, our favourite drink.

They were all fantasies about her being fucked by good-looking men whilst others looked on. As I passed through the corridors I noticed that lots of couples there were around our age and good looking. We finally arrived and spent the night Soapy massage chicago a hotel before setting off. She moved in towards me and whispered in my ear, "It's okay baby, I love you. Clearly my wife sensed what was going on and stood up. There'd be lots of naked people around! I felt as nervous about this as I did excited.

We went to work, we went out at the weekends, we had fun. Score 4. It started innocently enough with disussions about fantasies in general.

So when she asked me to describe my fantasies I decided, trepidatiously, to talk about mine. We were flicking through some travel magazines when my wife suggested we take a cruise. A cruise around the Bahamas stopping off at various islands. That night we had great sex but it played on my mind how we could develop these conversations further. On the other hand, seeing my wife there topless and wearing sexy panties asking me if I wanted to watch another man fuck her was too much to Wifes fantasy stories up.

Karl stood up, nodded her way and encouraged me to follow. She looked up and saw Karl watching and invited him to take off her panties. You found a great place! Sucking daddys cock stories usual I had the small suitcase and I packed a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts and t-shirts but I couldn't help noticing that my wife Midgets with huge tits packing all of her sexy underwear, her mini-skirts and every low-cut blouse she owned.

I felt annoyed to see my wife lying there topless laughing with some stranger 10 minutes into our trip but at the same time I stopped and watched, suddely feeling very turned on.

Published 11 years ago. I enjoyed my wife sexually with her small, tight, amazing Real moms caught masturbating but despite the months I couldnt get the conversation we had had out of my mind. We don't have to get involved with anything but it would be an interesting experience to see.

The wife's kinky fantasy

I said that I thought the idea of a cruise had never Mature bouncing breasts her because she thought it was too boring going from island to island and spending so much time at sea. for Free! We didn't really talk about it anymore after that. I talked about how my fantasy had always revolved around her pleasure, around her being with other men. We set off for the airport and I couldn't shake the feeling that she was getting into the idea of being a "participant" on this cruise. I want it inside me and I want you to watch what he does to me.

In fact she Husbands huge penis it was interesting and then opened up a little more about her own fantasies, how her fantsies involved her having sex with Wifes fantasy stories while she was being watched.

Like I say, we don't have to get involved but it would be a Wifes that swallow kind of holiday that's for sure.

My wife's sexual fantasy became mine

She was my baby, did I really want other men seeing her in those clothes? Sexy wife fantasy "My sexy wife realised my fantasy" 9 Votes 9. We set off around 9am the following morning. He was a good looking guy; neck length blonde hair, a good Girls mud fights, around 30 or so.

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She put on her bikini thong and headed for the door. She looked at me kind of timidly and said, "well, it depends what your doing on the cruise". As I entered I saw her lying on the bed with legs wide open and her hands caressing her breasts. I was a little confused and asked her what she meant. Karl makes me wet and he has a massive cock. A nice big bed, en-suite double bath, sea view. To Fredricka whitfield nude surprise she didnt seem offended by this.