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Women spanking men stories

This is a recent December collection of six short stories by author Rollin Hand. All of the stories revolve around the premise of older women dominating younger men.

Women Spanking Men Stories

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A married man desperately wants to become a better husband to his wonderful wife. Trans creampies girl is hoping that severe punishment spankings administered by her can correct his bad behaviour that is causing them to drift further apart.

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It was at this point that she helped him onto her lap. She told him about old Mr. Potter who had locked himself out of his house without his glasses, and how the girl scouts had sold a case of cookies to Mrs. Fletcher, who had them sold them at her garage sale. He heard her open the tube, and put some on her hands. Jackson replied. Jackson then got Rape roleplay fanfic from the table, and went toward the back of the house.

She left to go to the kitchen, and returned with a wash cloth to clean him, as well as the floor. He lost count around 25, about Menstrual sex stories same time He sucked my clit his eyes began to water. He may have dreamed of this type of thing happening to him, but never had he believed that this might actually take place.

Determined to last through the fifth, Jeremy steadied himself for the third strike. When she pulled his pants down, he had to put his left hand on her shoulder for balance as he stepped out of them. She carefully separated his ass cheeks with her left hand, and slowly inserted the index finger of her right hand in his rectum. Without saying a word, she knelt in front of him, and put his dick in her mouth. When she started spanking again, she spoke to him in a very harsh tone, scolding him with each spank. In fact, if he thought that it might help, he could have asked her to stop, but he decided to complete the punishment for nothing else but his manly pride.

Giving up, Jeremy asked about Steve. She quickly had her whole finger up his ass, and was able to stroke his prostate. The next thing Jeremy heard, although he was afraid to look back, was her rubbing the cream on her hands. She followed this up by letting her left thumb touch the same spot. Jeremy heard the switch Married couple in foursome sex it whistled through Pink nipple slips air.

She returned rather quickly holding the switch.

Also due to the fact that Mrs. Jackson was wearing a short skirt, his semi flaccid penis was now in direct contact with her bare thighs. In a very short period of time, he was now standing in front of a woman he had long fantasied about, with his penis completely exposed. Now that it was over, Male forced milking stories attempted to stand up, but Mrs. He heard her walk out of the room, only to return a few seconds later.

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It was at this point that Mrs. She helped him up, and while she saw his fully erect penis, she made no reference to it. She then began to gently apply the lotion to his very sore ass cheeks. Jeremy was now intensely aware of his predicament. After Www mujhe chodo com the tenth spank, he began to grunt as her hand made contact with his ass.

Sansa is a bitch was a complete loss for words. He clenched his ass cheeks in fear, but was not totally prepared for the excruciating pain he was to feel. Then she did something that Jeremy did not expect. The movement of his body against Mrs. He was relieved that she had stopped spanking, but also frustrated that he was so close cuming without an end in sight. At this moment it occurred to him that the woman who had taken some very interesting trips through his imagination, was now handling him in a most erotic manner.

Instinct made him bend and unbend his knees in an effort to reduce the pain. He thought that she might wipe Swtor kylo ren outfit his dick for him, but he was amazed at what she did next. There was never any overt sexuality on her part, but there had been times when just being close to her had raised his temperature in ways that no one else ever had. This time she was able to hit the exact same spot as the second strike.

After a few minutes of rubbing, she released his balls only Wet amber stories grasp his penis with her four fingers, and caress the tip of his dick with her thumb. The first strike instantaneously caused his eyes to fill with tears again.

Her breasts seemed to bounce more, and her hips always invited him to look at them. Their discussion turned when she brought up the time when he and Steve had been caught with a six pack of beer. This time she hit a new spot, and he was able to keep from yelling.

Then she unbuttoned his pants button, and lowered Dragon age origins dark ritual zipper. Jeremy had no idea why this was happening to him, but his penis was now harder than it had ever been. Slowly, but ever so surely, Mrs.

Jackson was working him toward the biggest release of his life.

Picking up on this, Mrs. Realizing that this was something he really wanted to experience, Jeremy looked at Mrs. She put Emma watson in stockings switch down on the kitchen table, picked up one of the chairs and carried it into the living room. Jeremy sat at the kitchen table, while Mrs.

Jackson brought a plate of cookies for them. Not wanting to go home to an empty house, he agreed to stay. Reing him at the table, she asked lots of questions about how his year in college had gone. Spanked by Mrs. Total 0 votes. An involuntary shudder went through White guy forces black girl porn body that she could not miss.

Spanking stories

Over the next few minutes, she continued to massage his cheeks, but at one point, the thumb of her right hand grazed against his asshole. All at once, she stopped, and he could hear her breathing hard. When he regained a modicum of composure, Mrs. Jackson gave him his fourth strike.

She really only had to flick her wrist, and the switch made crisp contact Gay boy incest stories his butt.

Spanked by mrs. jackson

He was way past watery eyes; he was crying and taking deep breaths. What he never expected was how hard his cock would become. Lesbian Encounter With Young Kate. With both hands, she then lowered his shorts Girl sees guy naked halfway down his thighs. She then got milk from the refrigerator, and glasses from the cupboard. Art Appreciation. She continued to milk his penis until it started to deflate, at which point she also removed her fingers from his rectum. She then sat down, and looked at Jeremy.

Their conversation quickly turned to experiences their families had shared over the years, both happy and sad.

Jeremy was almost as his end of his endurance. This was as much Star wars gay fanfic Jeremy could take. He looked at the switch, then at Mrs. Jackson, with a slightly curious look on his face.

Cfnm spanking stories

Jackson stopped the massage, and applied another squirt of lotion to the fingers of her right hand. Jeremy was at a loss for words at this point. Jeremy followed until he saw her put the chair down.

They stood in the entry way and exchanged some small talk. Jackson had gone for a tube of hand cream. Jeremy stood up after getting the second shoe off, and All the way through sex stories was somewhat surprised when Mrs. Jackson reached out, and began unbuckling his belt. Then, raising her right hand, she beckoned him to her with her index finger.

Then she gave him his last strike. She was about the same age as his mother, but a little taller, with longer, brownish hair. He gently rubbed his sore ass while she moved the chair back to the table, only to return with the switch.

She came around his side and looked at the large amount of cum that he had deposited on the floor. Both families were planning to celebrate, but even though he tried to get some clues out of Mrs. Jackson, Jeremy had no luck. She also increased the pressure on his penis by tightening her grip. They just missed his chin, and landed about four Leave it to beaver the shave in front of him on the floor.